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If I do not read it wrong, there being Geneva and GVM, absolutely unbalanced, who has been nerfed, for the second time, is Merlin (they have done those who have Geneva? This starts to be the dictatorship of Gin). If already in itself, playing with Wu and Merlin means losing one out of every 3 attacks, now putting them together is losing more than half.


There should be something to confirm the purchase of raid shields. I was reading how they worked, and somehow ended up purchasing a 7d raid shield. That was a waste of 1000 gems…


Lots to like about this update.
The war update might be an issue. I’m sure they will tweak it if necessary, to prevent abuse.

As for the raid shield, I don’t mind it.You can’t keep it 24/7, and it seems costly.

Being #1 is just for bragging rights. If they were to give bonus loot to players for ranking, that’s another story.

1-time rewards would be cool, though… IF they were to do that (missions for top 1000, 100, 10, 1). I think unique avatars would be appropriate, possibly a few gems as well.

Anyway, thank you devs for this update!
Hope some other player suggestions will make it in the next update :slight_smile:


I don’t see any mention of hero changes in the release notes.


Which heroes were changed?


Thank you, SGG, for finally publishing these odds:

Ascension Pack - Dark x5 3000 Gems Try (Results)
"Increased chance for Legendary Hero"
[Research] RNG as a paywall [Analysis, Paywall]
Extremely low chance on drawing 5* event heroes

Changed mindless attack, that is Merlin. It only benefits a Gin


My presumption is that means if blind is in effect, which is no different than any other special attack. Call it a bug fix more than anything else.


Yes, Merlin can now miss if he’s blinded. That should always have been true, so I consider that a bug fix, not a nerf.


So when exactly can we change War defense lineups? Surely not during an active war at all. They make it sound like that is case, just not during a battle. I think we use the term “battle” as the 6 attacks that take place each war, so it’s confusing.


My 20 chars
Raid shield: Don’t really see the necessity right now, maybe there is some improvement in Cups coming. Currently not worth the gems.
War Chest: Thumbs up
War opt out: Thumbs up
Showing the odds: Both thumbs up
Loot tickets: Nice, but no game changer
Minor bugs: -

All in all a step in the right direction.


I’dlike to suggest something for wars that seemed missing, would be nice to be able to see which heroes i have left for wars (which I’ve already used in the war) BEFORE commiting to an attack. There’s no way to check who i have left if a war is days old and i don’t remember.


This is very informative … I applaud small giant for listening to all the complaints and making these changes


Question: Does the war chest remember me if I leave the alliance and come back before the chest is opened ?


First off, I applaud SG and @Petri both for a solid release and much improved communication. Good early warning, solid release notes, and this thread are great ways to solicit structured feedback from the community and show appreciation for the players.

War Chest: Nice addition. Do be prepared for this to intensify the calls for improved matchmaking as it penalizes alliances who are currently on the short end of that particular problem.

Raid Shields: I’ll reserve judgement until I see it in action. Honestly not interesting to me.

Increased odds for S2 rare heroes: Good on you for throwing the community a bone. This should hopefully mollifythose who were demanding removal of S1 3* heroes from the portal.

Increased loot tickets: Honestly, meh. It’s a meh feature to begin with. More meh is still meh :wink:

iOS to Android migration support is great - especially for your support team :slight_smile: Not a sexy feature, but high value.

Display odds of summons: Wow. Pleasantly surprised here. This is the right thing to do. Saves a ton of words on the forum arguing over data collection and time doing the same. Hope it doesn’t impact your bottom line.

Alliance war updates: All good. Very good.

Bug fixes: Awesome.

Overall: Solid release. Cleaned up a lot of loose ends. Addressed a number of common requests and player pain points. Thanks.


How long does a player need to be inactive to be considered inactive?


Hotm fall, 1.3%. Now that somebody dares to deny the theory that they look at spending history, that I put in a thread in which one took it out in a roll, another when seeing it did the same and, shortly after, a third equal, all of low cost or null. That is mathematically impossible, nor can a residual effect be taken into account.


No, it is statistically very unlikely, but so are the odds of winning the lottery twice, and that’s happened. The player base is large, and occasionally very unlikely things will happen.


The emojis in chat will be the thing that destroys the game. Be careful what you wish for folks, you just might get it. :frowning:


Where are the release notes about Wilbur’s nerfing? Enemies no longer get spirit link.

What other hero nerfs were implemented? I’m peeved at this. :angry: