Version 15 Feedback & Discussion



We have now started rolling out the new update version 15. This topic is intended for discussion and sharing feedback on this update.

You can find the full release notes here.


What exactly does the elemntal barrier one mean? And with the war defense team editing, you guys mean between wars and not between attacks during the war right?


This is great. There’s some really positive changes here :slight_smile: this should be a direct reference to those who say SGG doesn’t listen to players. I’ve read most of these in other threads :slight_smile:


I hope SGG realizes it needs to be players who opt out BECAUSE this is completely abusable if they don’t count characters who are active to count for matching.

It will simply mean a player can not log in for however long they call inactive and then log in during war after matching and participate without counting toward that war. The only way this is acceptable is if an inactive player is automatically opt-out of wars and can’t particpate and even then it will be annoying unless it’s a truly long extended period of time not logging into the game like 10 days.


Do you think raid shields will have an effect on top 100 ranks like makin it eaiser for them to hold their spots? Once you get into top 100, the target choices with decent +cups/-cups ratios become slim as it is, so will this make it even harder to get into those ranks if they just renew their raid shields after every cooldown?

Just to be clear, i like everything i read in the update notes. Just tryin to make sure i understand everything before teammates bombard me with questions i don’t have answers to.


I’m interested to see how the individual opt out works? Does that mean technically a player who opts out will negatively affect their alliance because the points will be evenly distributed between others in the defence teams? In saying that… you would get more points from defeating a weaker player if players opt out… sounds confusing, does anyone follow haha?


From my understanding in the discussions that have led to this change. Matchmaking takes into account the number of players each alliance has. Matches alliances with alliances that have similar number of players. Individual opt outs will not be considered in the matchmaking so therefore shouldnt negatively effect their teammates like they have in the past.


@Petri thought the bug about season2 Mission Province 3 is fixed with the update?


Elemental barrier is the reflect events and rare titans have.


a nice update, I’m happy for the chest war, we hope that as soon as possible will also be taken help for titans from people who are not part of the alliance Because basically the alliance are composed of 30 players with in purpose, not it seems normal a titan to be shot down by more than 30 players !!!have a nice day🤗


That’s what i thought. So they made events and rare titans harder. Well guess i better order a couple more credit cards to keep up


You are so right. They introduced Raid Shields but forgot to think about cup system itself. Imagine situation if all top100 have shields active (just imagine) then place 101 is the highest position and if you are in that spot then it doesn’t matter with who you play, cups for win always will be belove 30. That means it will be very difficult to go up. Players will be forced to pay for shields if they want to be top 100. Next move - better chances to get ascension materials if you are in top 100 :smiley: mark my words.

With shield system they have to change something very important. We have to be able to attack other players even if they are online. That rule is for top100 but should be for everyone.


Well if you weren’t bringing the reflected color for mana reduction or buff removal (which I highly doubt) it won’t have any effect for you :wink:


I’m pretty sure that they will not be able to participate in the war if they come online after the matchmaking is done, so it’s not really abusable. And the inactivity period is probably something like 15 days or more.


Just find it amusing that special skills are supposed to be non elemental but now devs are deciding to change that long time rule


well it’s not that much of a rule because elemental defenses and the reflect have always affected them. It’s just that they do not get the weak/strong damage bonus.


I hope you are correct but you would think so many abusable features in war would have been thought be fore implemented.

For instance it takes 3 hours for the computer to do the matching. During that time before war prep begins if you leave an alliance and return right before war locks for prep You don’t count toward matching once your alliance match score is calculated. Now you would have thought SGG would realize this and NOT match alliances until after war prep is locked but that is NOT what they did.

Again the idea of not including inactive players is nice especially those who can’t play for an extended time like someone in North Carolina who lost power during the hurricane. However it needs to automatically make that player opt out of war or again it will be abused.


Nothing is logical in this game. They make something black and white but then throw shades of grey in there to add confusion. I think they just enjoy reading the complaints at this point😂
But it is what it is and I’ll continue playing till somethin else catches my attention


I like the changes, but FIVE aw wins necessary for a war chest seems a little crazy to me. That means in average we get to open one of those every what, 5 weeks? That better be some premium loot in there …


A lot of alliances are never going to open a War Chest, if the matchmaking doesn’t get resolved soon.