Version 15.2.1?

10 minutes ago, google play warned me about the new update. So i downloaded it. And run the game. I then i warned my alliance about this update but strangely. They dont have the update button yet. Am i the only one that now got the ver 15.2.1 build 804 because that’s scaring me a little bit ?


Google play website says current version is 15.2.0 …

… of course Google has umpteen different servers, so what do I know …

I have an update on iOS as well.

Yeah just got it here as well

I think it depend of the device, update can comme sooner depending of the device. But yeah thank you for responding, i was a little bit worried :slight_smile:

well, my update is 15.2.1 as well

@Petri what’s news in 15.2.1?

No changelog yet, so i don’t know. Maybe mostly bugfix

I think they implement the resources for Halloween in the background Already

They fixed the “Magic Night” stage Mana bug.

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Sometimes if you drag your finger down the update will load, as it did for me above. This should work both for AppStore and Google Play (I always have to do that since I don’t have my apps set to auto-update.)

Whew! Glad I got mine done already!

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My attempts to update keep telling me update is installed, but that was 9,24.

Android via google store

Indeed. Forgot about that :laughing: .Well, im waiting for details.

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