Version 15.1 feedback

I was happy to see that losing contributes to the war chest, but only 1 point towards a 25 point goal? That’s a bit rough. I guess it’s something, though.

The changes in War matching sound all right, especially the one that takes previous wars into account.

Raid shield restriction seems like it should solve some common complaints.

Hero power adjustment has a whole 'nother thread already.

I wish I had the 1 point from our last week war we lost, but I’m at 0/25

I agree, they all seem like good changes.

Agreed again, but I’m a bit confused on the past performance inclusion - is this a precursor to the big change to the ladder system that was aimed for in v16? It sounds like we now have a hybrid system that still considers power numbers but also past performance. So not sure whether another big matching change is coming or not, but this sounds like a pretty good improvement… look forward to seeing it in action the next wars.

While they don’t state it explicitly in the notes, my bet would be that they plan to maintain a hybrid approach moving forward. They had previously expressed concern that a ladder based system on it’s own would lead to major mismatches when high level players form new alliances. This seems like a good compromise. I am eager to see how it works out.

I do hope that people don’t form opinions on the new system based solely on their first war match-up. The notes do explicitly state that it will take a few wars for the Past Performance part of matchmaking to take full effect. I interpret this as that they are only starting now to collect past performance data and that it will not affect the first war match-up. (This is just based on how I can imagine they would have implemented this type of feature and not on actual knowledge of how they did so.)

Thanks SG. It seems to be all good changes in this update and pointing in the right direction for better aw matchmaking and hopefully a leaderboard in a not to far future.
Great to have a quick change of the shields, making raiding and an occasionally push for the leaderboard fun again.