Verification for alliances


I think it would be a good idea to give verification ticks for alliances with sister alliances or with a good reputation within the community.

For 7D it started a few weeks ago, we saw some alliances pop up with ‘Seven Days…’ in their name. At first we felt honoured and we still do. But today it was brought to our attention that someone actually tells people his alliance is affiliated with ours. These actions can affect us, if this guy (he’s currently a one member alliance) starts to misbehave within the game/community.

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While you’re add it please stop duplicate names… why is that even allowed for people’s personal profiles


Great point Pops! In my old alliance, we had the same exact name twice, and there were a few others using same name in other Alliances.


Probably so that everyone can create simple user names instead of being stuck with RedDragon01-a because all of the decent names a person wants have been taken up having shown up late to the game.

Since you cannot PM other members in game, there is no harm in game having duplicate user names.


I agree we are now starting our own alliance family an are quickly growing( Unstables) and it would be great to not have imposters. Atleast make a way to request usage.


Hey guys! Thank you for starting this thread @TheChef. It would be great if we could get a verification such as a blue checkmark. We value our integrity at 7 Days a great deal and would really enjoy not having that compromised. People like @TheChef and others spend a great deal of time in Global chats representing us in ways we desire to be represented.

As always, thank you Small Giant for continuing to listen to our concerns. 7D and the community greatly appreciate your efforts and continuing to build a great game :slight_smile:


I think this is a great idea. I know when I first started playing and considering alliances, it was really hard to tell who was who with all the similar names.


There is now a vote button available - please add your votes… :slightly_smiling_face:


Done i hope we can get someone to listen thanks @TheChef


Thanks @TheChef TI agree and hope this will be allowed


Can’t agrre more. As most know i hang in the scariest place ever GC helping noobs. I saw one from an imitation alliance say that 7dd was their parent company and that folks that wanted to be apart of the 7dd community should join them. They quickly left when confronted. But before i stepped in i wonder how many were fooled into joining under false promises.


Thanks @TheChef I’m glad this is being brought up


Trying to care… trying really hard to care… trying… trying soooooooo hard…

Nope. Just don’t care.


In my other F2P MMO “BoH” they have a large alliance description page ( I am unsure how much space Empires gives you ).

It typically lists the rules, alliance fellow high scores and records, all sister/ daughter/ allied alliances, Facebook page ( ooh, that might change ), Line/ Discord/ etc., and an email to contact the leader ( usually a gmail just for the alliance ).

While the Devs in “BoH” don’t get involved with lying alliances, the above information makes it easier for new players to figure out what is going on. If not, global chat usually helps out.


Voted @TheChef !

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Ironic, that’s how some people feel about your comments…


This kinda proves my point…
People know it’s not the ‘real’ 7DD, but I could get confusing on a lower level…