Verdant Vipers seeking reliable casual players (war flags or opt out, 8*-9* titans)

Currently have 22/30 members after recently losing a few, and looking to build our numbers back up a bit. Most of our defense teams are 4k+, and we’d like new members to be in a similar range.

War is use all 6 flags or opt out, but we understand sometimes things come up in life that interfere with your plans for the game. Occasional missed flags won’t get you kicked out if you pop in to the chat when you’re able to log back in and let us know what happened.

Titan flags are optional. We like killing them and hope you’ll help with that, but we don’t track how many flags you use or how much damage you do.

Give me a heads up here if you’d like to join, or mention this post in your request. We’ve been rejecting random requests after several in a row opted in to war and didn’t bother to fight.

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Please use your alliances existing recruitment thread found here: Verdant Vipers recruiting

you can bump/ update it in the comments with new information.

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