Verdant Vipers - Active casual alliance seeking 1 member

We’ve lost a few members to real life this past year and we’d like to find a few new people to bring our numbers back up.

Rules are use your war flags or opt out, but we understand things come up unexpectedly sometimes. We have members who are parents or who are caring for ill family members, a fire fighter, people who live in the path of hurricanes, etc. If you make a genuine effort to participate and have a good track record of showing up, the occasional missed flags are not a problem as long as you speak up and acknowledge it in chat. If you forget about war once a week, this is not the right alliance for you.

Participation in alliance quest and titans are encouraged but not required. This is a game, keeping up with it shouldn’t be more complicated than running the rest of your life. We’ve been facing mainly 8*-9* titans recently.

Our players levels range from 40ish to 90ish, and the majority of our defense teams are between 4200-5000. There’s no specific requirements for player strength, we value participation over high scores.

Look us up if you’re interested. I’m happy to answer questions, or you can join and check us out.

Alliance name: Verdant Vipers

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It looks like we are in the same boat having lost nearly 15 members over the last few months. So many good and experienced players are leaving the game….

Yeah, they’ve been adding so much new stuff lately, it just feels impossible to keep up. Hope you find some new players as well if you are looking for them.

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Costume summon is back. Join us as we all pull a free copy of Carver and wonder why we bothered to hope for something nice.

Welp. It’s the kind of day where I’m spending 6 flags putting 12 heroes in my raid chest. The red tile curse strikes again.

Ever notice how you get plenty of red tiles except when you’re using a mono red team? Once the first person noticed it none of us could unsee it and now we’re all cursed, whoops.

Does your hero academy keep spitting out the same 3 boring heroes every time you try to recycle a duplicate 5*? Come commiserate with us as we all throw them back in the pot to simmer for another week. Yet again.

Do you like the tower events? I’m ignoring the current one in favor of killing hundreds of kappas to earn an avatar I don’t want instead. Missions are a great way to invest a lot of time in earning negligible rewards, ha.

Gained a couple of new members this week. We’ve still got room for 5 more.

Just welcomed a couple more new players to the alliance. 3 more and we’ll be full up.

Smashed our last war in spite of all the distractions going on this week. Or perhaps because of them? The other team forgot to use an awful lot of flags.

December looks like it’s going to be quite a busy month. We’ve got room for two more, and no pressure to participate more than you can handle.

Man…if I wasn’t a leader in our own alliance I would be knocking…just for the name alone. :wink:


We’ve just finished a war chest, so it’s an excellent time to move over if you’re looking to join a new alliance.

No junky loot in your first chest due to partial participation. It’ll just be junky loot due to RNG as usual.

@tannman07 We saw your request to join earlier and hit the wrong button on accident. If you’d like to try again, we intended to accept you and were foiled by an untimely pet cat.

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@zestystarfish thanks so much for reaching out to me. Silly felines :cat2: - am I right?

I found an alliance to take me in for a bit, but I will keep your team on the short list should I find myself without a home.

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Still seeking new members. Got room for 6 at the moment.

And new provinces are open in Season V again. Come join us as we explore strong new lands and then pull weak old heroes with our tokens.

I’m interested in joining, I sent a request to join in game but here’s some info.
Playing going on 5 years now. Was c2p now f2p. I do all wars and titans usually hit every one. I’ve been in everything from top 100 to casual alliances and I’m looking for what your alliance description has. It’s a game at the of the day and a mobile game at that. I play console games and I’ve seen people take this more serious than Xbox or PC games which I’m not for .
My defense is just shy of 5000. I’m also in beta and have been for years now. Despite being ftp I’ve got some heavy hitters, All s1, mitsuko, frigg, lord Loki, 2x G panther with costume, krampus, and some hotm.
Haven’t pulled at all in s4 despite beating normal, I’m waiting to finish hard and am about half through(so many things now it’s hard to play regular maps).

I’ve been a leader of alliances and a player. Not looking to climb to top 100 or 14* titans anymore. Just want to play do war, alliance quests etc and with decent people. I do have line if needed. To from you…

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Looking for a new start in the new year? Check out Verdant Vipers, we’ve got room for 5 players and a friendly, moderately chatty environment.

Join us for Covenant of Champions, the event where you can’t spend any of your tokens because the summon is scheduled a week earlier for some reason, and we have yet to solve the mysteries of time travel.

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Well, if you’ve been lamenting the fact that your group of 6 won’t fit in our 5 open spaces, then boy have I got some great news for you!

We unfortunately had to boot a player for repeated failure to use flags combined with a complete lack of communication in the alliance chat.

Seeking up to 6 players to help fill out our ranks.