Venting my issues with the game

  1. Many times I have managed to achieve top 1% placement on the raid tournaments but never ever I have received 30 emblems. Usually the top 1% loot has been 3 toilet tokens, 10 emblems and 3-5 coins. Rarely I get 20 emblems. Getting 30 emblems is a myth. Once I got a 4* ascension item which was nice and yet to date it is more common than 30 emblems. Nowadays I’m ready disappointed before tournament loot is distributed.

  2. Wars have been boring for months now since every alliance uses permanently the green tank except our alliance since we rotate tank color without any recognizable pattern. I wish that some of the raid tournament rules would be tested on wars.

  3. The 4* ascension item drops from the titans can be very rare. Once I had a 3 months period without any 4* ascension item from 11*-13* titans with A-B loot. I almost quitted the game because of that, and I should have but I want to see what will be on the end of S3.

  4. When playing through the S3 provinces the amount of loot does not seem to raise along with the WE cost.

  5. The odds on the game feels to be incorrect. What is the probability that a hero can revive itself 9 times in a row (with max ability%) since I have seen it happen on a video? Also the usual Wu-Kong/Ranvir vent. And as new vent it feels that the 15% miss rate is actually greater on the S3 province #19 special fields but probaly isn’t.


I hope you’re able to still find some positives with the game as well! … vent, brush it off, and get back to grinding. : )


Well for a glass half full approach if I were to list every aspect of the game not mentioned in the OP you’re very much net ahead :ok_hand:

I would recommend keeping perspective that this should be fun and/or enjoyable. If you can’t find those qualities anymore you should find something/somewhere where you can. Hopefully it’s with E&P as you seem to have put a lot of time and energy into the game already (top 1% finish is great! I have never done that well).

I will vent too though as misery loves company. This game refuses to give me Wilbur OR Proteus. Do you know how many solutions to problem people post are “just use Proteus” … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:!

Good luck out there!



Sorry mate, i’ve been there before but realized i still enjoy the game a lot .

maybe it’s time for you to take a casual approach to the game. Maybe that will shed some light on what you want from this game


It took me about a year to get Wilbur and about 3 months after that before I got Proteus. I also used to get annoyed at those posts… (some of them even said “Just use 2 for full coverage”…)

In place of Proteus for tough bosses I used to use LJ a lot. Other relatively common options are Leonidas, Mist, Merlin, Zocc if you got him last month


Since launch of Atlantis until last Atlantis Rise, I never get Proteus nor Wilbur. I was grinding so hard last week to obtain 100 atlantis coins and the only draw that I got was “GATO”…

1/3 of 5* heroes that I have got are pretty useless and most of the time “benched”, namely; Bosswolf, Guardian Owl, 2xObakan, Isarnia, 2x Elena, Justice, Ranvir, Grimble.

Just do not care much anymore and be relaxed and find small happiness within the game.

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Grimble has a use, especially in the era of Tell. A mono purple stack with Grimble can do well.

Ranvir is usefl in titans, if you don’t have Miki or Tarlak or Gazelle.

Jutsice and Obakan I completely agree with. I think Isarnia and Elena have some use cases. G Owl I am not sure about and it seems that some people can use Bosswolf effectively?

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I do use them sometime, but most of the time they are “benched”
In case of rush attack tournament, of course, G.Owl and Boss Wolf can be a choice.
My Ranvir is at 3/70, with titan 12*, he is dead in 1 hit… most of the time useless.
My Grimble is at 3/70, he is benched because I have better choice.


If you do have a mono purple option I would consider giving Grimble another chance.

I use him with C Rig, C Tib, C Quintus and Proteus (sorry!). Against Tel I might wait until she casts so that he fully charges Quintus whoe becomes average. The AOE firepower is enough to wipe out an opposing team.

THe crit up also helps vs titans

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I feel you. I had to wait until I completed Atlantis before I got my one and only Proteus. Got Wilbur before that.

Also, all 5* I own - except for 1 HOTM Seshat - are Season 1. :sob::sob:

I hope you can get Wilbur AND Proteus somehow soon. :pray::pray:

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I understand you, i keep getting matched with whales during wars (5 so far go figure) my alliance is pretty upset and morale is super low and im at the point where i barely play the game and stopped spending money.

Devs don’t care about it and you should probably consider looking elsewhere.

  1. i do agree, i don’t bother much with tournament placements anymore and just play it normally.
    i really hope we get new rules and more banned elements instead of 1 max.

  2. same for wars, new rules would be fun like certain tank colours (each player can set 5 rainbow tanks teams to be pre saved). another option is to disable emblems in wars.

  3. ranvir/wu can be frustrating, ranvir doesn’t offer much improvement for the extra miss chance, he really needs to be buffed. i dont use him anymore

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The revive ability in particular is irritating. When it happens it’s always in multiples…and the defense odds are way higher chance. I’m convinced of it.

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Has anyone ever recorded any amount of data on this?
Reasonably one would expect the odds to be the same for offernse and defense. And in things like the boards being random I would fight tooth and nail to say that everything is 100% random (and there is a lot of data backing this up). But in terms of the talents - honestly I have the same “feeling”. Tell’s defense talent seems to pop up every 2nd turn when high level. The revive seems to make an appearance 2, 3 or 4 consecutive times - far more than you would expect. I don’t even target a high embllem Marjanna with specials until the very end because it will waste 1 or more of my specials

I don’t mind any of this necessarily, it would just be good if it was documented somewhere. Or if there was some data out there that disproves this

Maybe here we have an explanation:
When hitting Telly with 3 tiles, the chances of triggering her talent is for every tile, so three times.

I think the paladin talent triggers at the start of the turn before any tiles or specials…

With more emblems each tile should have a 25% to trigger the talent. The damage of each tile is calculated separately. This is another point Paladins are superior tanks.

But sure, does not count for dodging special skills from rogues and delay skill of sorcerers when defenders cast special or hit with slash. Fighters revive also has no multiple chances.

Isarnia also good for titans with her defense down and is handy in a blue stack…

This week tournament over, and yay, once again 3 coins and 10 emblems for the reward after finishing on top 1% (one rebuy) with zero emblem 3* heroes. Diamonds well spent… This game hates me on tournament rewards.

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So…shut up and go back to the thing that is causing the problem?

That’s the advice?

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