Vent Out Box, challenge Experiences Wins/Loses


This post is not meant in anyway to be serious or about complaining. It’s meant to have a place to vet out loses and also put down wins without criticism towards the game itself.

Maybe some of you may have advice to help others better team setups to help them win more.


I am sick of; lol

Losing raids against weaker opponents, as soon a hero gets the mana to fire a shot it is destroyed by the opposition before I can fire. This happens a bit and upsets me all the time.

Never getting the tiles I need to build mana on my heros, it’s like your meant to lose before you start getting only one set of 3 tiles at a time and no consecutive sets. This annoys me during the match, lol

Tie breaker;

This was new to me.
Been getting a lot of tie breaker at the moment but have lost the tie breaker rounds
I been getting them against stronger heros hard to kill but also when tiles aren’t falling my way…

State your win likes and your dislikes about losing just for fun.


Another hate;


Hiw there is so much difference between the cups amount which is what I think the opponents are based on and the power of the teams that come up.

I average around 1200 to 1300 cups and mt team power atm is around 1750 with nothing but 3 and 4 star heros but the teans that keep coming up on rerolls are 4 to 5 star maxed with power well over 3300 plus and if I want to keep rerolling it can take up to around 30 plus rerolls before getting anything close.

Before when I was at below 1200 cups and around 2000 team power I would get opponent’s lower than me where now it’s never.

I am taking on stronger teams as I have no choice and I am winning some but the reroll changes so much with a big difference as I’m getting more cups and so many rerolls it’s like your firced to use up all your food stored to raid.

Anyway that’s my hate message for today, lol


I found this below it shows all heros full stats. Thought it might be useful to some.

This is a PDF file


Venting agai , lol

Just did a 10 pull on green elemental and got 2x4* with one of them 3 times and 2x3* with both of them 3 times.

So technically I only got 4 new heros and 6 of the of those heros.

That was a total waste of 2600 gems and wasn’t IMPRESSED one bit.


Venting, lol

I swear when the system doesn’t want you to win a raid no matter what you do you will not win.

How is it that the tiles you get are single sets at a time scattered about and all opposites to what what you need.

You get heros with half your strength destroying your hero with full hp in single hits, 3* heros destroying 4* fully powered heros, thier hp recovers before mana is full and at times 2 or 3 turns in a row without mana, as soon as you get the mana on any hero it’s instantly destroyed no matter it’s strength, you get the tiles to refill your own mana.

They say and I do it as well use holes to reload but yet even that’s never the same as when the system doesn’t want you to win and you fore in holes to try and reload after each turn all the opponents fire back killing you.

Anyone who tries to have you believe that the game is fairly random and not controlled by other background settings deciding when you win and lose based on your cup wins and xp level is full of crap.

Mow I know the stories and responses to this, (be PATIENT your turn will come) yes it will but that response only more so proves my point, ( random is all about luck) yes it is but that doesn’t explain why half strength heros can destroy the same fully ascended hero in single shots, (tiles are random) yes you are lead to believe that but even randomness can be manipulated in the background without anyone being aware of it to the point that settings can be controlled by devs in so many different ways like one,

  1. per xp level
  2. per cup
  3. per wins/loses
  4. money spent
  5. per country
  6. per individual player
  7. per hero colour
  8. per day, week and month

And the list goes on and on as it’s the background controlling options are so vast there almost limitless to those who know.

Nothing random is truely just purely and truely random and those who say it is now nothing of what they speak about or are just trying to divert your attention elsewhere to avoid the issue.

There that’s my vent for the day

Make Summons more fun and fair

Once again ( although still the same) the raids are so disappointingly outmatched due to cup matching bring up nothing but opponents with 1000 plus team power making them IMPOSSIBLE to ever kill a single hero while they wipe you out 2 to 3 heros at once and they have the ordasity to call this fair and want you beleave it’s your game play and skills that need working on.

Totally wrong and not acceptable as if I didn’t have skills I wouldn’t be able to better My self but when you get raided by teams 1000 plus team power more than you it makes you ask how you even came up in thier refills, OH wait don’t tell me, cup droppers with fully ascended 5* teams wanting to feel good about themselves because they have no skills to challenge those of there own circles.

Team power is what matching should be based on as this would totally avoid cup dropping as a fairer matching figure of 500 either way would then mean increasing cups amounts would only be achived via skill and tactics.

Yes this a VENT because I am totally sick and tired of it happening as I work hard creating good teams, heros, etc only to find that it’s for nothing because once I have something to show for it it’s destroyed by opponents that should have never been even close to showing as thier opponent.


Got my first 5* a couple of days ago, woohoo.

From the event summons Khagan


Huzzah for you! Glad you gad a good day. :smile:


What is wrong with this scenario?

250k at 1800 per reroll and every single team 500 plus TP than myself with 85% of them having all fully ascended teams.


What 4*/5* heros do you have to play with? Who do you usually stay away from/attack etc?

I mean, 500-600 teampower stronger teams of maxed 5* heros arent impossible to beat with only 4* heros.

BUT it does require quite a large stable of heros usefull heros to colorstack and have utility.


With 12 hidden blades, 5 gloves, 8 shields wanted to ascend heros and only receiving 1 cape and 1 hidden blade in just over 3 months I guess it will be years before these heros are ever fully ascended.


30 min battle on last level Legendary.
View it here

Finished everything pretty easily but this last one is impossible.

Miss back row there just increases up like there is no tomorrow. 80% of the hits with specials has no affect what so ever on them, they constantly fire back at almost every round.

The big boy on the left stays pretty much full up throughout the whole battle with noting affecting him what so ever.

They have defense specials that cover every aspect of every hit from tiles and my heros making my hits meaningless.

Then there’s the tiles, very little, hardly any combos and nothing I needed

If you watch it, let us know