Vela vs Kadilen

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this ist the question. If I compare Vela vs Kadilen, which would be the better for defense in war? In my eyes Kadilen hits harder and protects the whole team for 3 rounds, on paper it looks like Vela is worse… Hits softer and the DoT ist dispellable. Does Vela only shine with a green tank which I dont have? Who would be better in wing or flank? And the most important question, why?
O learned to hate fighting against Kadilen. Fighting against Vela is another theme because she always brings her friends Telly and Gravy…
Thank you all!

It’s like always. You can’t win a cup with a single hero. It depends on the rest of your team.

Vela is giving higher damage and more useful.

Just count vela damage plus her dot. And also extra damage against red. Vela wins overall. She is great

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Why don’t you use both of them? Are you looking at emblems? Are you able to split the emblems?

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Thats it, both use the same emblems. And I dont want to use only heroes which are hitting all, Ursena is in my defense too. But also Kingston and Seshat. Sometimes BK, Sometimes Drake. I try to change them and see what happens. And this time In ask myself if IT would be better to use Kadilen or Vela.

Personally I would go with Kadilen with emblems. She is also getting a new costume with a decent buff. So all good

Oh yeah, If I could get the costume for Kadilen, there would be no doubt. This would be my favourite.

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