Vela vs Frida as tank?

Ok, first post here despite reading posts here for over a year. Our alliance uses blue tanks for war and I’ve used frida+9 for a while because I don’t have a better blue tank. Only other blue 5* are miki+7, magni+1, and now I’ve gotten vela up to 7 emblems too. Do I switch vela in for tank?

I know she’s not classic tank but if I’m forced blue tank should I go to vela (which I just made the switch to) or back to frida. Usual war defence is rigard+19, Kingston+6, blue tank, ares+7, joon+7.


I would go with Frida, I used her when we were using blue tank. She’s tough. Vela is too fragile (even Magni is better for tank than Vela)
Hope this help.

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Frida tank, Vela on the right corner. Or even right flank. One of Frida’s big advantages is boosting blue damage. Without running a second blue you’re nerfing her special

Running Magni would run the risk of missing which ever heroes Frida hit

Vela will hit two or three every time if she fires

Running two blue isn’t a big deal because you will be running the enemy out of greens - the entire purpose of a unified tank colour strategy


Vela is a better tank IMO. She was my tank before Telluria was released and held 2500+ cups regularly. Also from raids, Vela as a tank used to give me more issues than Frida.

Off Topic, are you Dr. Butter of ‘Canada Eh’?

I think you can just experiment and swap them out until you have gathered your data and have an idea of which is better depending on the type of war (arrows, healing, etc.) I suspect Vela benefits more from Ares’s crit buff than Frida will however.

the bigger area for improvement on your team is your usage of costume rigard on the wing. dont put healers on wings unless they are revivers. do you have any snipers or fast/very fast attackers you could put there instead?

Also blue tanks usually need red attackers. Marjana is a great season 1 option to stick on your wing.

Haha, it is me, Jay! Nice to run into you again. Thanks for the advice. Always appreciated your war strategy when you were part of the gang!

I like your idea, Halifax. Both frida and vela stack well together so that may be my best option.

I have sartana+6 and domitia+9. I have no revivers. I have most season 1 5* except for red. Only have khagan and otherwise zero strong red attackers. Scarlett is +20 bit too squishy for my defense team. Rigard is my best healer by far so I’ve kept him in. Don’t like the option of no healer in my defense team so haven’t been able to switch him out for the fast purple sniper.

Hello Boss! Nice to run into you too haha. My regards to everyone on the team.

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