Vela vs Athena for Defense Team

I’ve currently got the following defense set up, which holds me in the 2500-2600 range fairly consistently, but I pulled Vela while I was (unsuccessfully) chasing Guardian Panther, and am wondering if she’d be a useful replacement for Athea in this set up.
(Alby +12/Athena +4/Yunan +10/Ariel +7/Costume Joon +9)

Obviously I’m most vulnerable to a red stack and it seems like she’d mitigate that somewhat.

Would appreciate any thoughts or experiences with Vela.

Please don’t run multiple healers on defense. Running 2 duplicate colors (one of which is the tank color) is already a weak point, but if you’re going to insist on it drop Ariel for Vela


It’s actually quite surprising how well a defence with only a few colours does…

My defence is G-R-G-R-G and Sits at about a 60% win ratio… Which is about 10-15% better than the next best defence I’ve tested and tracked.

Anyways, back to the OP question, I would leave Athena in as compared to Vela.
Three reasons.

  1. Athena does more direct damage to a target as Vela requires the DoT to play out to get full value.
  2. Athena defence debuff will further help your team kill them off.
  3. Alby already has a monopoly on the druid emblems…

The point about the DOT is especially good, given that I’m already relying on Yunan’s DOT for a large share of my damage output. Neither his not Vela’s are undispellable which means I’d be especially vulnerable to anyone who brings a cleanser.

Once I have her leveled up I may swap her in and test it.

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