Vela or Magni for telescopes

Who gets them …have Frida, Alasie, Aegir, Isarnia and Miki at 4/80 already - tough chouce for me - im leaning toward Vela because fast damage to all etc but magnis fast damage and defense buff is also good

You already have a blue sniper so my vote goes to Vela. Frida + Isarnia + Vela should be able to kill pretty much everyone.


Thats what i was thinking

I’d vote for Vela. Magni is a nice fast sniper, but is quite glassy. Vela on the other hand is tough to kill, and hits very hard. Besides, you already have Alasie as a fast blue sniper, so may have more fun playing around with Vela anyway.

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I would go Vela as well. She would be a great red titan addition with the other blue heroes you have.

In my honest opinion, and given what you have said about your current roster, I would focus on Vela 100%.
Good luck

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Another loud “Pull The Trigger!” for Vela here: you won’t regret it! :wink:

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