Vela or Isarnia with costume

What should i max with this cards?

I’d wait to see the final changes to Vela, if I was in your shoes. May be substantial; may not be.

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I would not max Vela until her update is actually out and we know what her new deal is. Isarnia’s costume is very powerful, but is quite fragile for defense, and you already have several slow 5*s.

As others have already said. The best option for you is to wait a week or two to see what the nerf to Vela means

Vela 20 water slides

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There was only one stump left from Vela after the nerf, but … no one needs slow heroes.

Isarnia + Costume is very well worth it.

I’d ascend her if I were in your position because, in my eyes, she is a very versatile hero.

That insane defense down is only next to Athena’s … and her tile damage is one of the best in the game. She’ll fit very well in a Titan team.

I have Isarnia maxed with Costume Bonus and once she fires, the game turns pretty much in my favor everytime I take her on a raid or any event.

Yes - Vela is good too.

When you take Vela on offense, the support she provides is to increase your team’s survivability (by reducing the enemy attack)

Isarnia provides support by weakening the opposition.

Vela probably fires twice in the same time Isarnia fires once. In my opinion, the overall direct damage dished out by both isn’t very different. Vela’s DoT makes for the bigger part of the difference (about 400 damage)

However, the support roles played by them vary vastly.

Vela helps other heroes survive
Isarnia helps every other hero hit much harder.

So, I’d say you should think about which kind of hero is more required for your gameplay and choose accordingly.

Regarding Isarnia’s mana speed:
With costume bonus in picture, you need only lvl 1 mana troop to shave off one tile.

(This came in really handy for me in many clutch situations. )

My thoughts regarding this choice? I can use battle items to reduce the enemy attack. But it’s very difficult to replicate Isarnia-level defense debuff with other heroes/items

Just my 2 cents.

Well, I decided to level up isarnia and now im not sure if she will be better with costume or not?

I generally use her without the costume. She gets the permanent costume bonus once you max the costume in both forms. More direct damage and a higher attack number with the costume, but that’s not why you want to use her. Go with the -44% defense down without the costume over the 34% with it.

I maxed my Isarnia and costume before Vela mostly because I felt Isarnia was more versatile. Even if I maxed Vela she wouldn’t make it onto my defense team.

I like her without the costume personally.

With Isarnia, you know what you’re getting. Do you really want to spend precious mats on a hero they’ll nerf every time someone cries?