Vela or frida neith onatel or inari

So currently working on my third 5* team so far it consists of Kingston seshat grazul and here comes my dilemma either vela or frida (latter who is currently at 3/70) , I also planned going with neith however the last Atlantis event I ended up pulling onatel and inari so yeah big decision

My two other 5* teams that are fully ascended are Azlar Marjana, Evelyn Liana, Kunchen Khiona,Joon Ranvir, Isarnia Magni

My advice:
Yellow - Onatel. Her mana control is ON POINT. she’s beast in raids & is mega helpful to complete challenge events & atlantis stages, especially when paired with Proteus. I’ve got some videos of the two in action together if you’re interested.

I’d also probably vote Inari over Neith… Just cause Neith seems more scattershot… Not really focused. Inari on the other hand is tile-damage focused. Best Yellow Attack stat available.

Blue - Go with Frida here. You don’t yet have a maxed elemental debuffer. Added to that you don’t yet have a 5* sink for Paladin emblems and she’s the way to go.

Your Options, just to type it out so its clear

Yellows: Ranvir (4/80), Joon (4/80), Inari (1/1), Neith (1/1), Onatel (1/1)

Blues: Isarnia (4/80), Magni (4/80), Frida (3/70), Vela (1/1)

Purple: Kunchen (4/80), Khiona (4/80),
Green: Evelyn (4/80), Lianna (4/80),
Red: Azlar (4/80), Marjana (4/80)


Frida and onatel



Alright frida and onatel it is. appreciate the advice everyone

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