Vela not blocking negative status effects from minions

See title - passive reads like it would block this negative mana generation since it comes from a minion.

That is because the spiders are not a minion, they are a new thing called fiends. They operate differently as compared to minions, like you can’t destroy them with attacks and also they are cast by Elizabeth on the enemies, not allies. Think of them like something opposite of minions.


Minion =/= fiend

They are different and won’t be treated as the same. Eg uraeus card specifically states minions and fiends. Vela just says minions so the status effect from fiend isn’t blocked


they are confirmed to be different and SG stated that it is intended this way as this was brought up in the beta

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Got it. Thanks for explanation!

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Per above, Minions are not fiends.

Vela specifically states MINIONS. Fiends are ONLY affected when the special skill SPECIFICALLY stipulates Fiends (E.g. the case of Uraeus).

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