Vela - no damage or DOT

So am I missing something or is this a bug. In this screenshot Vela had just fired. My entire team took no damage and as you can see there was no DOT applied. She wasn’t blinded (and since when would she have a 100% miss for damage and DOT if she had been). Same number of bunnies up as before. Just the “wave” of the special and nothing. Thoughts?

Your minions absorbed the damage and dot

Minions don’t adsorb DOT’s and the DD would have eliminated the minions.

Whoa, strange one indeed.

Are you sure that she actually fired?
If her mana was full, Gretel’s effect could have reduced it to 50% (which does not explain why Vela’s mana bar is barely filled, though).

I don’t have another explanation…

Yes, she fired. The whole wave thing happened. And to my surprise had no effect.

Today I also had a miracle that struck me: Vela with 212 health points remained with my opponent, I had Mariyana with 500 points. Vela also had the effect of reducing health from fire by 67 points, which was superimposed by my Azlar. Vela used magic against Maryana, and the next turn, my Maryana used magic, while Vela remained alive with 31 health points !!!
I understand that Vela reduced Maryana’s attack by 54%, but my Maryana normally takes away about 800 health points during an attack! Given the miraculous formula of the force of impact, developed by Finnish mathematicians bypassing the theory of probability and common sense, Maryana was supposed to inflict a minimum damage of 250 points, and plus 67 points for Vela should have been taken away from the effect of my Azlar. BUT SHE REMAINED ALIVE !!!
Now prove that it should be so! That with a decrease in attack by 54%, my hero should not damage 800, 360 or 250, but only 114 points!

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