Vela Fanart!

Its the end of January, I’ll miss being able to see her face every time I go to the summoning page :frowning: It was so nice getting to grab her at the very last minute :smiley: . I needed a 5* blue hero and its a bonus that her design looks so good


That’s gorgeous @midknightowl

I’d love to see some more


Thank you so much for your kind words! One of my favorite things about this game is the character design! I may already be in the middle of drawing Jean-François :smile:


I love the water-like hair on a ice hero. Great imagination. And i think her special has something to do with water as well?

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Since her hair is made of water and her special hits everyone at once, I can’t help but to imagine her whipping her hair and hitting everyone that way LOL

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That sounds so cool. You have got some very good imagination. I can imagine seeing what you just imagined

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