Vela emblem.. should I finish up to +20?

As per the screenshot above.

I have already achieved +19 for Vela. Should I finished her up to her final emblem spot and make her +20?

The last and final tier for the mana grid seems pretty useless to me yet required 250 emblems!!

I would like to hear everyone’s thought on this one…

  • Yes Vela is on my Defense Team.
  • She is also my main attacker whenever Red Tank is concerned (be it 3-1-1, 3-2 or mono attacker team)

How is your defense team doing in war? Far above average? Don’t bother with that final node.

Once you get into top 50 alliances and once you have L17+ troops (but not yet L29) these things will make the difference. Vela wil just hit faster on defence with that node and could suffice with a L17 mana troop to fire faster on attack (instead of L29).

In my opinion, no…that last node isn’t worth it.

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I’m at the same point and will leave her at +19…250 emblems is more valuable to someone else imo…

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