Vela does wrong damage

Today in the raids I discovered an interesting fact: Vela’s rival deals more damage than what is written in her stats !!!
In screenshot 1, in the characteristics of Vela, it is written that all enemies take water damage 320 points over 4 turns. Attention: this damage is not set as a percentage, but in a fixed number of points!
The second screenshot shows that my heroes take 136 points of damage per turn. 136 * 4 = 544 points, which is 70% more than indicated in its characteristics.
The third screenshot shows that thanks to the detachment Vela receives + 21% to the attack. Ok, so be it! But then she must deal damage 320 + 21% = 387.2 points, or 387.2 / 4 = 96.8 points per turn.
Moreover: the game does not say anything about this anywhere, but here it has been said many times that rivals receive a + 20% advantage in defense. Ok, so be it! We consider: 387.2 + 20% = 464.64 points, or 464.64 / 4 = 116.16, rounded down to 116 - this is what Vela should do!
But 116 is not equal to 136 !!! Dear developers, what grades did you have at the math school? Or, in the game, again, there are some “scorched eggs” about which nothing is written anywhere, so that the players have a surprise?

Vela’s special deals extra damage against red heroes as well remember

Vela deals additional damage to the fire only on the first hit, which is designated as 150%. On the characteristics of Vela, it is clearly written that further damage is 320 points in 4 turns!

I originally thought that the case too but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen “Strong” flash up on red heroes when taking Vela’s water damage. Probably worth checking

Vela her special does indeed do extra dot on red heroes.
Has always been this way and is a great hero VS GM for that reason. :wink:

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Same as GM and Natalya against nature where Natalya even only has dot.

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Vela benefits from extra damage (beeing “strong”) against fire enemies for both initial damage and following DoT. As others say it’s the same as for Gravemaker hitting nature enemy.

But what’s different is that Vela’s extra damage adds up +70% (as you calculated), which is a lot higher than what other “strong” specials do.

You can see the analysis on all present “strong” heroes/specials here: Increased damage against elements -how much?


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