Vary the starting time of events similar to titan

Titan start time is rotating around the clock so that all players have equal chance to hit early and no one has any disadvantage.
Why not implement the same for other features such as Atlantis Rises and monthly events (Avalon/Guardians/etc)? Having them at a fix time slot makes it more beneficial for those who are able to start immediately, creating a discrepancy however small.

Oh man I totally would love this!!

Every event finishes at 0400 my time… Means I can’t keep an eye on my ranking through those final frantic hours!!

Would love a couple of the events to be starting at a different time so they can finish at say 1600 my time :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 on this idea!!

Currently it coincides with my morning phone conference, which is ideal.

So, from a completely selfish point of view, it should be left alone entirely for my convenience.

Other than that, yeah stagger it.

I don’t know if having the start works best with the Finnish staff starting their working day, in case it goes wrong, maybe :man_shrugging:t3:

Well that and as a moderator the number of “When’s the event starting?/Has SGG forgotten to do the event?/Am I missing the event?” posts you’ll be merging each time with variable start times will also be a joy.

Personally I’d be against varying the start time simply from a routine point of view I’m now used to the times as they are and wouldn’t want to have to check in every hour to see if it has started yet…

That and however much testing there is there will always be bugs that creep through with each version of the game and I’d much prefer an event starting during SGG work hours so that if anything serious occurred it can be remedied quickly before it becomes more problematic - the problems multiply every hour it goes unaddressed if it happens at night time for SGG.

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I understand and these are completely valid points. Unfortunately from a completely selfish point of view the current timing is the absolute worst for me as I’m unable to play during the first 9 hours of any event.

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any developments in this area?

This game could benefit from mixing up the start time on events to allow people in all time zones to get equal benefit from timing.

This is currently done with titans and people don’t seem to complain.
More fairness is better (some will argue against this point).

People in time zones that currently have the advantage will complain. Expect huge blow back.
It will take developer time that could be better utilized to figure out more ways to extract money from us.

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