Variety on special deals

Hello, the reason for my post today is not any technichal issue nor purchase problem, the post I’m making today concerns special offers.

Every Saturday the game brings us special offers that includes gems, some ascencion materials, some in-game itens. I take a look at the offer, if I find it interesting I’ll purchase it, no brainer there. What I want to know is how are those offers chosen? Is there a fixed pool (Dwarven Gemstones, Magician’s Charge, etc…) from which they are picked or are they randomly generated?

Why am I asking this? I’ve noticed there is not a huge variety on the ascencion itens that are offered. If we take 2019’s pool as an example we can see we’ve had 3 offers with Mystic rings and two with Poison darts, no other ascencion material (Like Damascus Blades or Tome of tactics) has been offered yet and it led me to question this. How are the offers chosen/generated? What kind of offers/itens should we expect in the future?

Thanks a lot
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On a side note, it has happened (quite a few times in the past) that someone posts a Screenshot and I see an icon for an offer that is not available for me, why is that? Shouldn’t I be able to see all offers and decide which one I like the most?

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