Variant of 50-50-90 rule

Apparently there’s 10% chance of pulling a 4* troop, which, comparing to other odds in this game, is high.
Well, after spending some 60+ gold troop tokens (maybe more), I’ve got two.
Death to Gacha!
Now I have tons of feeders and I’m even considering a 10x troop pull even though everyone says to spend those gems on heroes…
And I can’t spent all that hams (out of rugged clothes)…

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It took me 11 months to get a yellow 4* troop. I have multiple of some but now I find myself running out of feeders.

Been short on yellow and green for quite some time. Now the other colors are coming to en end…


It took me about 7 months to get these two. Now I’m close to 10 month mark…

I guess I was a bit luckier. I never did a pull with gems either just to add.

Got everything through tokens I got in various ways (Chests, events, titans, MV, etc.)

Feeders go fast and cost a lot of ham which is a pain so I find myself leveling every now and then.

Then I was probably lucky. I also started playing this year (not sure about month though - may be February, may be March) and I have 9 4* armies (5 blue and 1 from each other color). Only once ever I pulled (10 pulls - 1 army). Everything else was from tokens. Also I was lucky that 7 out of those 9 are more valuable mana troops.

Actually, I cannot complain against luck at all. I don’t know why. May be because I don’t complain about my luck :slight_smile:

I had my share of luck in other aspects of the game. Pulled Gravemaker from a single apology token we got from SG. And next month got Greg with 900 gems. Alby from Atlantis coins…

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I have a level 20 3 star red troop. Tell me what’s missing from this equation. I gave up on troop tokens, apparently I’m never getting a red 4 star.

Meanwhile I have 4 of each other color.

Wow, I’ve never seen a lvl20 3* troop. That’s a lot of feeders you spent out of revolt…

I’ve been playing for like 8-9 months I’m not waiting forever for a 4*. Better to make due with what I have. I have like 10 3* level 1 red troops still on the roster if that puts it into perspective.

Been playing for about a year and a purple 4* troop has eluded me the entire time. I too am going the level 20 3* route…Hoping by the time they are maxed that 4* purple will show:joy:

I still keep all my 2* and 3* troops for that glorious day and just feed 1*s exclusively

Two days ago I did a 10x pull… Guess what? Big fat nothing… :-/

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