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another vanilla 4* who get’s all my love for events and titans is Wu Kong, because he is so vital for titans and events, and even tho the missing rate might be quite high sometimes, i would never get my high titan scores without him, so if you are not the lucky guy with tarlak, miki, ranvir or gazelle, wu kong really needs a spot in your roster!

i use boldtusk and kiril a lot, and rigard needs to be mentioned as the only real cleanser available (if you leave out costumes for sonya and caedmon, or is there any other 4* vanilla cleanser?)


Hey @Guvnor !

At one point you mentioned vanilla heroes getting their own page just like newly released heroes when I brought this up. I was wondering if that was still in the works or if there was an estimated timeline? I kind of let this thread drop until then.

I understand you and the other mods are volunteers and if this got tabled or scrapped I totally understand, I was just curious.

Thanks for all you do around here!



@Muchacho This is a great idea. I can’t even understand why they don’t have their own pages.
S1 heroes… we all have them. They really deserve threads for themselves.

Let me add my appreciation to Boldtusk! I mean look at my Avatar… Do I need to speak further? He is Amazing!


My current defense is four vanilla heroes with Ariel, and with the double formation (Elena in the middle to counterattack on all) it holds between 2500-2600 cups. Even with Justice :rofl:.

I do have a few non-S1 heroes but the ones I use the most other than Ariel are all vanilla. Elena, Sartana, Joon, all deadly snipers.

My favourite threesome in 3-2 when raiding is Costumed Rigard, Domitia, Sartana. That combo can take out just about anyone.


Nice @nevarmaor ! Congrats on Ariel.

While it doesn’t hold cups as high as yours, my team is 100% vanilla. Not even a costume amping at them. No Elena for me, but Magni gives everyone a D up in the middle. As vanilla as you get. Double formation holds around 2350-2450 cups when I raid regularly, which I do irregularly. That puts me either in diamond or raiding to it pretty easily when I do raid:

Don’t knock Justice, I love that lady for a lot of things. I am debating if Richard’s 20th node is worth it. If I decide not she is getting the emblems!

Good luck out there!



Sonya was my first 4*, she still has her dispelling spot in my blue team
Melendor carried me long way through s1 before I got any other healer
Boldtusk is a must, super strong and versatile hero
Sartana was my first 5*, my strongest sniper with costume, Lianna same
Kiril is as amazing as Boldtusk, still use him lots with blue team
Boril is seeing action as tank in no green and bloody tournaments, annoying af
Hu Tao’s blind saved my ■■■ many times
Shutouts to Grimm and Tiburtus with their def downs :purple_heart:
And who doesn’t love Rigard??


Thanks, Ariel was a complete surprise when I pulled her. My only non-S1, non-HOTM 5* and definitely IMHO the best healer.

When running regular formation defense Justice is my tank, and she held me comfortably in diamond. I certainly find her useful. She even gets trundled out in my second mono yellow team for wars (used to be on the first until Joon #2 got maxed).

I am currently stopping my 5*'s at node 18 until I get all the 4*'s I use regularly to 20. As with everything else, it’s a marathon. Richard is currently languishing at node 4 :grin:. There are a lot of paladins on my bench. Also monks. OTOH I am actually embleming 3* Sorcerers :rofl:.

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Ariel, you lucky such-and-such!!!

I did just get Viv last month, so finally a 5* healer for me. I’ve been relying entirely on 4* vanilla healers so far, and they are great - especially when costumed and heavily emblemed.

Defense team… okay, I’ll admit, my defense team is not all vanilla. I’ve got Santa, Malosi, and a costumed Rigard (the costume being the non-vanilla part). I’m enjoying my current formation though, as it holds me in high platinum / low diamond with zero effort on my part.

Not even really sure why I care how many trophies I have though, to be honest… “do u even raid bro???” Not really, no. I’m not in a trophy measuring contest, I’ll be the first to admit that most of the raid opponents I face in diamond terrify me, and I’m usually lucky if I can win 2 out of 6 revenges. I guess I just feel a certain obligation as an alliance leader to put up a front that makes me look more impressive than I actually am. :grin:


I only have 1 5* heart in Raffaele, but he is at 3:70 awaiting 5 (I think?) scopes. Otherwise it’s all 4’s. I have Melendor’s costume and Boldtusk’s. Costumes Melendor is a phenomenal healer. He was my favorite until I got Gullinbursti, but overheal is different. Costume Melendor is my favorite non-overheal healer.

I kind of did it backwards because I was so slow to get a lot of 5’s. A lot of relative … I tried to get all my main 4’s to 18-20 (depending on class and ability) before stating my 5’s. The 18-20 range on 4’s essentially makes them base 5’s, so that is how I compensated for my lack of real 5’s. 250 emblems for like 40 D points just doesn’t seem worth it though even if he is on my D team …


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Funny, I just recently got promoted to alliance leader as our leader for the last three years decided to step back a bit and he thought I’d be the best choice (HAH!). Yikes. That’s what I get for being so helpful in the chat :rofl:


Congratulations! I think your former leader made a good choice.

If anything, I’m mostly surprised that your former leader was able to hang in there for that long. Kudos to both of you.

Oh and more importantly… good luck. You’re gonna need it.

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I have seen a few people mention her but I have to tell you why and how I use her.


An excellent tank option. I have her all the way to the last node.

She isn’t a KO hero. She doesn’t kill the opponents but what she does very well is she buys you time. The 40% blind to all opponents for 4 turns buys you time for your other heroes to charge. The damage she does is just a bonus. Don’t underestimate the ability to buy time. How many times have you been so close to victory but you just needed one more turn to get those heroes mana to full?

Another bonus is her paladin class talent. A chance to buff her defense for 2 turns by 25% means that she can take the big hits and charge up even faster. It also means that she can fire off her special a few times each match. I frequently hit 30 turns during raids because of my Justice and Rigard combo.


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