Vanda or Garnet

Title says it all. Still waiting at 5/6 rings, but hopefully soon. Both are the same class and I have over 1000 emblems for either. Thoughts? Kind of starting this early so I can not have the rings burning a hole in my inventory while I decide. Thanks!

Garnet garnet garnet


Garnet 20 red ninjas


I would go Garnet for a couple reasons:

  1. She does health boost which means you can over-clock the health bar

  2. The “Charge” effect means you can have better control over what degree of special skill you need…
    need it quick? fire at 1x. Able to hold till later? do so!

  3. Mana speed! Garnet charges at 5 tiles for initial cast vs. 6.5 for Vanda (non-mana broken)

Vanda does have some perks too tho:

  • Healing steal is sick for versing Telluria / Heimdall tanks & for field aid wars
  • Rush Attack she stays at 6.5 tiles while Garnet will go from 5 -> 6.5 tiles per cast.
  • Damage… Garnet is purely support while Vanda does some small damage too.

Garnet 120%. The versatility of holding various charges for extended blocks of effects and the massive health boost are hard to beat. GTV teams are a cake walk with her.
Hoping to get Vanda next month but I have Garnet maxed and fully emblemed and would not look back.
That said I’ve faced a few Vanda’s on defense and she can be a pain. She works to stall but definitely is not a game changer IMO.
Best of luck getting the rings!


Update, went Garnet, no regrets. Been taking her on most raids even if its not a red stack, outstanding quick protection and the ability to save up/ build up a charge is really awesome.
Thanks everyone for the feedback

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