Vanda - Lady Loki or Gefjon?

Hi just a question - I have these 3 all of which I am yet to start - which would you go for first??? Theyvwill all get done but not sure myself - personal feeling Gefjon - change my mind

Thank you in advance for your help and advice

My initial impulse is to say Gefjon, but I will add that I am absolutely in love with Lady Loki. She has the potential to lay down a ton of damage, plus whatever DoTs (and other debuffs) are on your heroes, making her the best damage dealer in the game in the right situations. Against teams with Vela, Grave, Clarissa, Azlar, or similar, she’s absolutely a beast.

Gefjon is more straightforward and simple to use, but if you use her right, Lady Loki is probably just as valuable.

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Don’t have Vanda, but I had to choose between Lady Loki and Gefjon myself. Went with Gefjon and should have her maxed in a few days. Will work better in my red stack, but I’m really interested in Lady Loki as well. Lucky I have a whole bunch of rings. She will be next red hero maxed after Gefjon.

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What does the rest of your roster look like? They are all excellent heroes and you’d get better advice if we had something to compare who would be the most useful to you being first among the 3.

Will post pictures hold 9n a mo

As you can see I have some leveling to do !!! I have time and patience!! Lol

Amy advice given will be gratefully received


I have Gefjon and Lady Loki, and run them in the same team with Noor, Grazul and C Rig. Both are great, and both are fun to play.

If you face a lot of teams with Vel, maybe Lady Loki is the way to go. She does decent damage when she returns just the Vel special (total of 10 ailments), plus the DOT, plus it is a cleanse plus it does the attack down on the opponent. Opponents with Vel on one flank and GM or JF on the other are the perfect opponent for Lady Loki. She will become even better when they fix her blind bug.

If you face a lot of teams with summoners, then Gefjon may be the way to go. She is the biggest snipe in the game apart from Liana with costume bonus, but where she steals minions (particularly against Seshat and Bera) is where she shines. It greatly boosts her survivability and at fast speed she will be able to fire multiple times in every raid. And the tactical advantage in stealing a Bera minion and using it to prevent Bera from summoning again is priceless.

If you are still tied in your decision then Gefjon is fast speed so that may be enough to sway you in her direction. She is easier to use, which may be a benefit or a deterrent to you (depending on how strategic you like to be). Finally, Lady Loki will die relatively easy at 3/70 but is still servicable as her skill will do most of what it would do maxed. Gefjon is almost unusable at 3/70, same as any sniper.

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Looking at your roster, your maxed reds and the guess that you don’t have a mana troop lvl 23 I would go with Gefjon and then decide again between Vanda and Lady Loki. For me personally Lady Loki was a gamechanger especially against GTV. But at the point of ascension I didn’t had Gefjon so maybe I decided different at that time if I had her.

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Just looking at your 5*'s you have some good/decent snipers so maybe you don’t need Gefjon right away. Vanda is good, but I think you need a little deeper roster than you do now to take full advantage of her.

Lady Loki is good on offense and defense so I’d choose her first, Gefjon 2nd, and Vanda last.

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Cheers pb9921 - seems that’s the right way to go. Much appreciated for your time and consideration. Lady Loki here she comes !!!


Vid of the two of them playing together. Video cut out early because I ran out of space in my phone, but the result was deicded by then

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Thankyou very much - great to see them used and understand now . Again ty

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