Vanda costum or Nemo

Which hero should I level up to 4/80?
Here are my finished reds

what do you think i tend to vanda
Thanks a lot!

I’d go Vanda easily. Status protection is great. Conditional sniping not as much.


Vanda costume is a better hero for sure IMO but with Garnet I’m not sure which you’d use more. I’m leaning Nemo but tough call pal!


In my honest opinion I would first focus on Costume Vanda.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


C-Vanda even with fully ascended Garnet. One does not simply have too many status protectors. I have maxed Grazul, regular Vanda and planning to do Emilio next unless I get, you guessed it, Garnet. Health drain is useful on occasion as well.

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That is tough. I think C-Vanda is a better hero in general, but I also think Captain Nemo is underrated as well. If you didnt have Garnet, I would say Vanda without a doubt. But the ailment blocking is so good in this game right now, that I still think Vanda is probably a better pick, unless you need a snipper. Both heroes are good enough to get rings. I dont think you can make a wrong choice here. Depends on what you need, your playstyle, and what you will enjoy to use also. Congrats on the great heroes!


Status protection VS sniper?
Easy answer. Vanda. And I didn’t even meant Healing drain.

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