🎃 Vanda - 5* Fire/ Red from Return to Morlovia (Halloween) (NEW)

Hmm a couple confirmed Ursena procing mana delay with special skill :thinking:

Been trying to figure this out from context from many threads… what does “proc” mean?

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I thought it was “programmed random occurrence” :thinking:


Also, I can confirm that special skills from sorcerers that deal damage CAN proc Delay. So, Vanda is a great sorcerer as she’s very fast and hits all, making it quite likely to slow some enemy heroes down.


Reddit has conflicting information…? Who would have thought it!

Either way, it has the same end definition; that being “proc” is shorthand to indicate an event/action which triggers a chance based second action/event.


No! One of us must be right! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


We’re you able to confirm by personal use? Having her special cause slow would be big.

I have confirmed first hand watching cKad attack and proc delay when following with no slashes and no other sorcerers on the field. So, AOE sorcerers can proc delay, which is great news!


That is a great value add for vanda! (and others)

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Color me stoopid, but I dont understand “proc delay”. There are no chance based skills on Vanda, as far as I can see. And I fail to understand what you mean by delay. What’s delayed? I just can’t wrap my head around it. :woman_shrugging:

Vanda is sorcerer class and with emblems she can delay the mana regeneration

Vanda delay
You can look here if you wanna see it in action triggered with special

Good guess

Close enough


Click for notes

This is the version I remember back when RPG video games were mostly Multi User Dungeons.



It’s amazing how much gaming terminology dates back to MUDs.


Oh crap… I feel old now! :crazy_face:

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FINNALY i max both of the… vanda even max emblems and part of my defence team in raids and war…

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Awesome @Nicu_braty! I enjoy my Vanda, only lightly emblemed. Hope you enjoy yours a lot! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

How do you use her? What are your other red options? I have Vanda, Marj (hoping for costumes), and Tyr to pick between for my next red and can’t pull the trigger on one. My only max red now is GM, and BT, Gormek.

I have max vanda. Grazul, marjana, redhood, azlar, natalya,. So i use them as require , base on their abilities. Most are high lvl in emblems (.except natalya … all wizards embl goes to vanda)

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I use Vanda on war defence, raids, emblem Trials, and the map. I have maxed Vanda, 2x Marj, Elena (no costume), and Azlar (no costume). I’m vc2p.

Wait for Costume Chamber next week in case you get Marj costume. :crossed_fingers:

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