🎃 Vanda - 5* Fire/ Red from Return to Morlovia (Halloween) (NEW)

Pulled her two hours ago,after 4x10 pulls from the beginning of the event. I dont have other so powerful sorcerer

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Same as magni. Hoop they will come up with an new idea for Marjana. Or a buff remover before she attacks. Like kage

My only other sorcerers are Lady Of the Lake (I need 4 tonics still), Sabina (+18), and some other ones like Chesire Cat, Skittleskull.

I recently put a few other heroes at 3/70 though, and still have no Tome of Tactics, so I am in a dilemma who to do next:

Vanda (I can give her 1000 emblems instantly)
Marjana (she is always a fantastic sniper and I have no red snipers (300 emblems I can give her)
Magni (I have no fast blue 5* right now, but have no emblems for him)

Guardian Kong
Lady Of the Lake (Always want her max with the sorcerer emblems, but i am still waiting on 4 tonics)
Zimkitha (I have 430 emblems I can give her)

Anyone with Vanda, do you think I should do her next?
If I do her, which I am leaning towards, I am also thinking go for the SWORD and HEALTH talent path…?

Click below for a list of all of my current heroes:

Vanda on defense closer look


hello, i got vanda recently and leveled her up, but i feel too fragile and i don’t feel like it works and it’s a shame to waste a hereo boss like that, i would like them to add more damage or be indescribable their abilities or add another Extra skill type bleeding that way would be much better or I don’t know what others think.
I’m sorry I used a translator I hope you understand, greetings.


Well, she’s very fast, has good stats, hits all the defensive team, protects yours from status ailments, and steal healing… I don’t feel she’s fragile.



Welcome to the community!!

On the contrary, Vanda is far from being a weak hero. She is coveted by some by reason of her being a very fast mana generating hero, is relevant to the current meta either since many players still use green tanks in wars or raids or that many defending heroes have status ailments to be caused by them, has very very good overall stats, is useful in field aid wars. For players with decent or deep benches of maxed heroes, she would be a welcome addition. But if you are still new or relatively new to the game with very few heroes maxed, she is not the ideal hero needed to be maxed early on.


She is a utility hero so boost that def up, her main thing is blocking status ailments and steal heal from all. Her special is what is good about her not really the stats or damage.

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Vanda is a hero you must learn how to use. She’s not as intuitive as some other heroes. Sometimes you must wait to set off her special in order to time up game play. Also knowing how to charge her mana quickly is helpful. if you have mana troops leveled up, you can get Vanda to full charge in just two red matches (6 tiles). This is a great counter to the ever popular Telluria.
I’ll also nod to @Ultra 's point that having other good red heroes to pair with her is very helpful.

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Thanks for the answers, if it is very fast and it hits everyone but its blow is very weak and what it protects does not last long, there are very fast heroes that are better examples of undertaker or kageburado I said that it should have bleeding as an extra because it does not last long His help and his attack does not hit anything, well although it is an opinion because as well as this I consider Marjana better who is classic than Vanda who is an event and is a boss.

I have Vanda at +19 (won’t take her to 20) and I am loving her on a mOno Red Offensive team.
She has saved my butt many times by being the last one alive and stealing health and allowing me to slowly kill the remaining couple of enemies.


This is exactly what one of the legends of the alliance family I am in said to me, and he was right.


I got lucky early on with S3 and got Tyr. He’s been the sole survivor and destroyer of mega raid and AW def teams. Now he has a friend. :star_struck:


How many heroes does Kage hit?

What protection does Kage give ALL your team?

What is Kage’s def and healing capabilities like?

I love Kage, but his specials are very different. Please don’t dismiss Vanda because she works differently. She is amazing!


Also Vanda is a very fast hit-all Sorcerer. Fully talented there is a good chance someone is walking out from her special with mana slow. That’s something worth considering for her.


Lots of her at +20 in the top alliances. Fast AOE is a good fit for sorcerer

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Are we certain it works this way? I’ve yet to ever see Ursena or Mits proc because of special damage… I feel like sorcerer is missing the normal damage tag or it’s a bug cause it doesn’t call out special damage like say… wizard does… maybe someone can assist here that has experience… I raided 20 times with ursena yesterday to see if the special would do it… nothing.

^+1 I’d like to know for sure. @Guvnor must know :wink:

I’ve noticed it occasionally against Ursena tanks but only when a hero I expected to be charged at the same time as another failed to do so. Logically, it must happen more often than I’ve noticed but I can’t say exactly.

I imagine a Vanda tank will fire much more often not only for her speed but also because by the time Ursena has fired twice the game is basically over.

It would be great to know though how often this happens and is it dependent on the number of targets.

That’s likely from slash attacks, not her special damage… I’d be very interested to hear of anyone seeing it happen with special damage specifically… cause I can’t get it to proc from it so far… so my odds are either terrible or it’s simply not happening.

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