🎃 Vanda - 5* Fire/ Red from Return to Morlovia (Halloween) (NEW)

The feedback poll has Vanda as flank in defence but a good proportion think she shouldn’t be on defence at all…

A similar hero in grazul is okay but not great on def, does Vanda’s heal steal and small damage make her viable in defence? With a heavy hitting tank and other flank perhaps to take away the heal option or do you think she’s mainly offence orientated?

Got her:

Now I see that it’s not hair styled to form a bat but some kind of crown (she’s Vampire Queen after all). Still looks terrible. On the other hand her robe carried by bats is gorgeous.


Whoopie. After Watching a video and received a golden token


She looks like a Disney villain…


wanted to deep dive into the attack part of her special to see if it was worth considering…

A fully emblemed Vanda using attack path gets
872 atk
807 Def
1497 hp

I know the attack percentage is small at 125 but with that high attack stat, using the damage calculation I come out with roughly 130-160 damage to all (against average emblems 5*s) and at very fast can add up quickly, especially with a Def down hero.

Given her main strength is the ailment block this secondary damage part is relatively quite good, I would argue depending on the situation better than the small heal of Grazul, her counterpart who I use all the time. I’m excited to level her and try her out, just need more rings…


Just finished the advanced mode of Morlovia and I’m very impressed with her. Seems like she will need both a cleanser and a dispeller against her or otherwise she won’t go away easy. I’m actually thinking she would be a great tank too, especially with emblems on defense and health, which is also a logical path for her, considering her attack special is so low that the attack path won’t make much difference.

I had to use all my antidotes on the last level to make sure she wouldn’t steal any heal, while trying to combine tiles on the other side of the board because it seemed like she was charging constantly. Her and Francine would make a pretty good front too, judging by the last level.

Color me impressed.


Just faced her in a defense:

Went down easy…and killed her last as she’s not much of a threat. She’s probably much better offensively.

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Fwiw, she does what she’s designed to do quite well on attack. I have her with Mana troop so that she fires in six tiles, and if you can keep her going, she makes life a lot easier against the G(JF)TV teams.

That said, she has to charge before them in order to really be useful, which is board dependent, but if timed right, she can more than hold her own (and don’t discount the heal; she had her special active for me against a BT tank earlier tonight and healed back almost 1300 HP because she took from all 5 of the enemy).


These are my maxed reds and my options. Six rings so I want to ascend. Although I need some firepower, Vanda is my clear favorite. Just want to quickly reassure if I miss something as she is still new and we all know that these rings are hard to get …


That’s a great defense despite of Vanda and it’s strange for me to hear that you had no problem with it. Not that I doubt it, just saying it’s strange for me because I would have a problem with it every time, unless the board was very favorable.

What was your team?

For raids against Telluria tanks I always use Ariel, Mitsuko, C. Boldtusk, Zimkitha, and Marjana. I win over 90% against Telly teams like this. I’d say Vanda was worse as a Telly flank than Vela is…and Vela isn’t great these days.

As a follow up to this I faced her as a flank in a raid today. She hit for what I was expecting but one thing was noticeable was that after Finley hit and my team had defence down, her hit was for 250 per hero.

That said, from facing her so far, I think the attack is most of the time too low to be much of a factor though it can be high in the right situation.

The main problem was the heal steal however at 2 turns I was able to time it so that she didn’t steal anything but it’s enough to make you change strategy and in another raid it may have been different.

So far, seems like she is an okay flank and in the right team could be effective, but probably not going to be a top flank in defence. I may be wrong as it’s only a small sample but I think she will continue to be a mainly offence orientated hero




She is now 3/70 here, with 23lvl mana troop she will fire with 6 red stones. Already using her instead of full azlar

She doesn’t need level 23 mana troops. 11 is fine if you have it.


I know, but i have them already on 23 haha. Dont have second on 11 yet

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I am most likely going to ascend her ahead of Tyr. She could replace my QoH because of her status protection and that heal steal would be also useful against Kunchen and the like. Plus she has high stats.

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Mine is 4.71 now, will have her at max level by tomorrow noon roughly and then pump some emblems into her. On offense, paired with BK and costumed Magni, her damage is relevant. She has good stats, so I will go some attack nodes indeed. I really like her, and her special looks cool. Will put her in my war defense tomorrow as well replacing ursena in flank position: seshat+19 cmagni+18 telly+18 vanda+x cjoon+16. hope it works somehow…

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I maxed my Grazul a month or 2 ago and loving it, when she goes off, with mana lvl 11 only 6 tiles, i can freely cascade my tiles with no worries.


I’d advise experimenting with her a bit longer to test against the current meta.

Potentially, she is better than even Gravemaker, as she deals more direct damage, and her heal steal could be higher than GM’s DoT and personally, I consider heal steal just another form of damage.

However, most teams I face nowadays either use Telluria/Heimdall tanks as the sole healer or don’t use a healer at all, which means one of her top features becomes useless, as the tank usually goes down before she fires. She’s still a very useful hero but is it worth it to you only for her low damage and short protection?

On a related note, I"m very intrigued by her idea as a tank and I’d love to hear more from people that have used her in such a way.

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