🎃 Vanda - 5* Fire/ Red from Return to Morlovia (Halloween) (NEW)

I’ve noticed it occasionally against Ursena tanks but only when a hero I expected to be charged at the same time as another failed to do so. Logically, it must happen more often than I’ve noticed but I can’t say exactly.

I imagine a Vanda tank will fire much more often not only for her speed but also because by the time Ursena has fired twice the game is basically over.

It would be great to know though how often this happens and is it dependent on the number of targets.

That’s likely from slash attacks, not her special damage… I’d be very interested to hear of anyone seeing it happen with special damage specifically… cause I can’t get it to proc from it so far… so my odds are either terrible or it’s simply not happening.

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I don’t follow. Thought we were talking about sorcerer’s mana generation talents?

Nope no idea sorry.

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We are, and we’re talking about if the damage from a special move can proc it or not, I understand it can proc and have seen it plenty of times from slash and tiles, just never from special damage and the class talent reads… damage… it doesn’t define normal (slash or tile) vs special.

Vanda would certainly be a bit more interesting if she could hit all and have a chance to proc sorcerer… but even the folks I’ve talked to with Vanda maxed emblems don’t seem to remember it ever happening

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I have tested it a lot and yes, I’m pretty sure Vandas special triggers the sorcerer mana delay.

Vandas special fires

Dark tiles moved, rigard costume doesn’t have anything to trigger mana delay

Mana delay on the dark lord because of Vandas special


Thank you! Seeing this happen I went back and read the class skill again… the thing I was missing is… end of turn… so it doesn’t show immediately once the special hits… but after tiles have then been moved which with ursena I was often combo killing those opponents so didn’t get the chance to see it show up or was missing it as it as I was looking at the wrong time.

Got her maxed out Just now, last war she stand ground, no one shots.


What position was she and what was the defence team?

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What’s keeping you from being totally sure?

Doesn’t that still leave the possibility that the tiles are whats actually procing “delay”?

That I overlooked something.
First try was Vivica costume with me and I moved yellow tiles, totally forgot that vivi costume is also sorcerer and could trigger delay.

This time I am pretty sure (99.9%), Vanda only fired her special, rigard costume doesn’t have the ability to trigger mana delay, and I was only moving dark tiles.


Does Vanda/Grazul block stacks from Skadi? I’ve seen mixed information

No they don’t

They only block AILMENTS; skadi’s stacks are considered different.

Another case is that Myztero also doesn’t remember / memorise Skadi’s stacks either.

Malosi is the only hero who specifically blocks Stacks.


Thanks. It’s no surprise there’s a lot of misinformation floating around!

Skadi will have a counter in the april hotm

On the other hand she blocks statuses that cannot be removed, like Onatel’s mana drain etc… Which makes sense, since they are unremovable, but not unpreventable.

Geez, this game is probably the biggest example of Exact Words I have seen in quite some time. Genies could be proud.

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I just saw that hotm, I don’t think he’s really a counter to skadi but a counter to minion killers in general. Because a stack is not an ailment. Skadi’s stacks will probably still apply as usual

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April hotm isn’t a Skadi counter

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