Vanaheim Realm Bonus Inconsistency

Let’s assume I have two heroes with full mana.

If I trigger the first hero and kill a Vanaheim opponent the Vanaheim Realm bonus will take mana from the second and prevent him from triggering. However, if I trigger the second hero before the animation ends then both are triggered.

I don’t know if this is intentional or not. I don’t find this race suitable for the characteristic mechanics of this game.

If you experience this again, could you submit a ticket with the exact time and date details, so we can investigate this further?

Thanks. I will if I see this again.

@Petri and @CarryAll before you take more time into this.

As I played against vanaheim bonuses it always worked like this.

  1. I kill vanaheim enemy
  2. He stands invisible until the end of turn
  3. I can fire any hero I want until I play a tile (end of turn)
  4. If turn ends, then the dead vanaheim hero triggers and burns mana

So the vanaheim bonus only tends to be stressful, if you have s big combo and all heroes full mana, and kill the vanaheim opponent with that combo. End of turn, your mana gets reduced.

Carryall are you 100% sure that the vanaheim bonus strikes in the middle of your turn??

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I do remember that if I trigger an ability and wait for it to end and kill a Vanaheim monster, I can’t shoot the following ability in the same turn.
Am I 100% sure? No, maybe my memory misleads me. Anyway, my memory relates to a Vanaheim monster, not hero.

Is it possible that you’re heroes had class effects (possibly monk & cleric but not sure) or innate abilities (e.g. Seshat) that could’ve resisted the mana cut?

My team had a Monk but not a Cleric. (Monks resist status ailments, so I guess this is not the case).

Thanks for trying to help here.

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