Vanaheim Realm Bonus (Freya, Bera, Norns...) ignores Taunt

Vanaheim Realm Bonus one of the best. It’s described as “Mana of all enemies reduced by 5/10/15% when a Vanaheim hero dies”

The strange thing is if a hero is immune to a mana reduction by a buff (I’m looking at you dear Poseidon!) or by a innate ability (Seshat, it’s you) this realm bonus can be resisted.

So this effect can be countered with a buff or ability, this makes me expect that if there is an active taunt (Queen of Hearts, Black Knight and Krampus) protected heroes shouldn’t be affected. But it doesn’t work at all, realm bonus affects all heroes.

I hope this wasn’t the expected behaviour at all.

Taunts affect special skills, not the realms.


There’s a pre-existing thread on this topic, can’t find it at the minute, but yes… The outcome of that thread was that it was working as intended.

Because the taunt specifically states “Special Skills” and the Vanaheim Realm Bonus is NOT a special skill, it is exampt from the Taunt.

If I remember well, Red Hood can block this mana reduction. It does work with her.

Let’s look on Freya… This hero should give 120% to all its owners other minions… And I see nothing…

We don’t see minion attack stats anywhere.

thx, I also did a quick search before posting but couldn’t find it.

even if it is intended behaviour, it doesn’t change the fact that it is pretty annoying

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