Vanaheim on death effect

When compared to all the other realm on death or low health effects, Vanaheim is far too powerful. All the other effects barely register with the exception of Asgard (mana gain on death). Having your mana cut with a mono team can cause a loss very easily especially if the board dries up afterwards.

I just don’t think there should be such a heavy price for being successful. There also aren’t many ways to work around it especially considering how common it is now with the Freya/Bera meta.

Thoughts? I searched the forum and didn’t see any topic about this but I am hoping I am not the only one who feels it is a bit much.

I think a more balanced approach would be to apply a mana degeneration while the hero has low health.


It is one of the better family bonuses, and I sometimes fall foul of it.

But it’s mostly my own fault for not factoring it in.

And it gives my Norns some extra usability due to her very situational special skill.

So, mostly I feel like it’s an interesting challenge to deal with, rather than something else to add to the nerf wagon.


Is it to powerful? You know, what happens, when you beat a hero like Bera! So you have to adjust your play style! It’s very easy!

Here’s the thing - you don’t even notice the other effects but with this one you simply have to adjust your play style? I am interested in bringing it in line with all the other bonuses.

It is interesting that many people just say to play around it or adjust your play style etc but they never give any examples.

I am raiding 2700+ cups with everyone’s troops maxed or near max. That mana cut can easily be a death sentence when you are already raiding top tier heroes with max emblems and troops.

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It happened to me once in a war, where I took my mono yellow team against a Bera tank. I was about to charge almost all of my heroes and I matched three yellow tiles on the left side, but unfortunately, it caused a cascade that killed a Bera tank. That mana cut was my perdition as I couldn’t combine more yellow tiles and I lost.

When I see Bera/ Freya tanks or Norns, I usually choose Seshat (despite being the same colour). I know that not everybody has her, but is the only hero who has innate resist to mana cut. Another options would be Poseidon or Baldur (but I don’t have them).

If you don’t have them, the only thing you can do is releasing the specials of your heroes and keeping the last one to try killing Bera/ Freya/ Norns so that the mana cut doesn’t have such a negative effect or trying to kill them matching tiles just with one movement. Of course, don’t explode a diamond.

There isn’t a specific strategy. You know that when you want a simple movement, the computer gives you a cascade or viceversa. :man_shrugging:t4:


If the others are so inconsequential that we ignore them, it would be more interesting to alter these, than make the one challenging feature equally bland, imho.

Otherwise, we might as well bin the feature entirely.

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The bad thing with the strategies that rely on special skills is you will usually have a tank dead by the time you match enough tiles to get a fast special ready, particularly if you run mono. Not to mention you have to factor in availability of a hero, repeatability for war, and potentially taking a less than stellar hero (Baldur) all to counteract one single on death effect?

As a reminder the other realm effects might as well not be in the game they are so insignificant.

Do you not so the imbalance here?

It does get worse…
This a good thread for later on…


Thanks for making this thread, I wholeheartedly agree

I am comfortable with the ability affecting all attackers if you include 3 vanaheim heroes in your team

My recommendation to make this more balanced is

  • One Vanaheim hero present: one target hero is affected
  • Two Vanaheim heroes present: target and nearby affected
  • Three Vanaheim heroes present: all heroes affected as per current

I don’t think the percentage matters, just all 10% would be fine

Still powerful, and still probably the most powerful effect of all the realms

Current tooltip in game reads as follows, and be weakness of my suggestion is that it makes the tooltip more complex


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So, FTR, I only fight mono. I don’t lose often to these heroes. I just make them my priority

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