Vanaheim mision, 30 special stages

If i play special stages, it dont count in my mission. I need 30, played at least 10 times, not one is counted. Still on 0.

Those are not special stages. You will be able to do that mission next month when the new provinces open up.

This already a 2nd bugs topic, and I hope this thread does not get moved to :postal_horn: Missions – Season 3 (Valhalla)

But I think it is not so big deals, but later it should not confuse again with this problem. I hope dev will not create another mission which is available for next month.

So, they to early with this mision? Better set next month


Yes, similar to the special stages in Midgard, they will have these following markings. There will be similar stages in Vanaheim too, most likely province 7, but since it hasn’t opened yet, we can’t do the current special stage mission.

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Ok, we wait😆 go do different mission

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I completed the Special Stages in Season 3, Province 3, Midgard Morass and have not received credit for them, it says my progress is 0/30. It must be a bug.

Midgard Morass is Midgard, not Vanaheim. There will be special stages in the last province of Vanaheim next month, marked with a realm icon. That province isn’t released yet

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Okay, sorry, I see my mistake. Thank you.


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