Van down by the River looking for dedicated daily players

Long time lurker first time poster. I’m katbarf co-leader of Van down by the River. We currently have 19/30 spots filled and are hitting 9/10 titans. We strive to do more…to be more…and we can with the right teammates. We started as a handful of people shifting around a few alliances but not finding the right home. So we decided meh, let’s just start our own instead of being tired of people saying they are active, but then disappear.

Current trophy requirement is 1800 cups and we are an open alliance. I led a linkshell on FFXI for years and have no qualms kicking people who do not perform. It’s not fair to all of you that work hard to have some leechers sit there and take all the loot you earned.

Participate in war using all your flags and hit the titan early and often getting your minimum 5 hits in a day (unless of course we’re letting one go to rest). If you have real life stuff going on opt out of war and let any of the leaders know. It’s fine! I work 50+ hours a week, cook/bake, take care of my family, play E&P, read at least a book a week, and still have time for PC gaming!! Keeping open communication in the alliance is key. There is no excuse for logging in to do your own stuff but not hitting the titan or kicking butt in war. We’re frankly just tired of the slackers.

So join us weirdos in the Van. We have plenty of fishing poles, beer, and a Canadian named ButtMan. Not to mention I’m a Browns fan so I come with my own set of weirdness. :smiley: We communicate (very important gifs and horrible jokes) on Line.

Omg! I love your alliance name! :heart: Chris Farley :heart: Good luck recruiting!

Haa thank you @Cascade :slight_smile: Several members have Farley characters as their name. :slight_smile: All we need is an El Nino and we’re set.

Still looking for more players, if a smaller alliance is looking to merge we may be interested as well.


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