Vampires draining life with Rigard

Is that supposed to happen cause im convinced i healed with Rigard after a shot from Victor on Joon, Rigard healed the team and it drained a lot of life from Victor, nearly 42% is that supposed to happen? I didnt see any tiles hit him and drain so much life at once, twice it has happened i will observe next time i see him, i just did stage 12 advanced.

Just played again and clearly when Rigard is activated he heals my teams and drains a lot of life from any vampire that shot any of my heroes around 42%, boss dies quickly, is that a bug :bug:?

Yup, better take advantage of this quickly and finish the advanced levels before the bug gets patched. I went up against a Victor in an alliance war and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the healing steal there.

Fixed it! Now tough to kill :grimacing: i played a couple stages with the bug :slight_smile:
Good call on the fix sg!