Values ​​of the chests

I can not understand how it is possible that the game gives the same value to the different chests, when the difficulty to open each one is very different. The monster chest having all the flags, it takes ten minutes to open it, and I easily open two chests a day. The chest of heroes, if everything goes perfect, it takes a minimum of two hours to open it and very rarely I can open two chests in a day, then it depends on the glasses you have the difficulty to fill it, although this already comment on another post And for the last titans chest, I think that everyone, after a minimum of five days we usually expect more and yet we find that it gives you the same as a chest that takes ten minutes to open.

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Many stated this nonsense, same thing (or even worse) for missions rewards (lol, ask @Little_Infinity about it)

I think things works like this because it’s not connected to the time you take to complete it, but merely a “1 more chest” gift.

Someting like “Take it. I’s once more, be happy”

The effort to reward ratio in this game is really pathetic. The only thing that makes sense are the elemental wanted chests. 150 color specific monsters are bit harder to get, and the reward is much better. I have gotten rare ascension materials from titan chests. Maybe 5 total items in 3 months. If the elemental chests were more frequent, I wouldn’t have a problem with any of this. I could see the regular chests as something to just get through to eventually get a rare one.

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elpis, nonsense? really? you depend almost practically on chests to be able to ascend to our heroes, chests, boots of the titan and if there are many luck, the mystical vision. If the game gave you other options, or at least, I would give them more often, because the events to get climbing materials are very scarce, so if I thought … perfect! a gift! but since it is not like that and I rely a lot of times on the chests to advance in the game, it seems to me a very bad rating system

The fact that rewards are not related with the time you need to get them is a nonsense, not what you say.

Sorry for not be very clear about it.

oh I’m sorry, maybe it was me who did not understand you well, I’m Spanish and in English it costs me hahaha

On top of all of this, i.e. the rewards really suck and valuable items are super super rare, there are times when you get nothing…Hahaha…Oh man, I just pulled a raid chest, got one silver coin and when I claimed it, it just disappeared. Nothing, didn’t get a single thing. I’ve reported. It just sucks…

This morning I got a free hero token from Mystic Vision and got Skittleskull. A few hours later, my TC20 produced Rigard. The game gives, though maybe not from the same place(s) all the time. shrug


Mystic Vision is the one that varies widely. I’ve received everything from 1000 food and 1 gem to a 4* ascension item and a 3* trainer hero in one pull. Since there’s no work on our part to get it, I’m not complaining.

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rook I do not really mean heroes, because with gems you can summon, training in fields you can get … I mean especially the climbing materials, I have 6 heroes of 4 * with which I can not do anything, I do not have a single thin glove and a single compass …

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Ascension materials are obtained in several ways, NONE are guaranteed, they drop randomly:

  • Titan loot
  • Wanted chests
  • Rare Wanted chests
  • Rare Quests
  • Mystic vision

Good luck!

not to nitpick (but I will), rare quest LOOT is guaranteed, though not the timing of the quests…

True. I was imprecise! :wink:

To correct your correction, the type of loot changes, and I don’t think it includes gloves or compasses much lately. Maybe soooon!

I have two month waiting a gloves… and nothing

I was waiting month for a Compass…and suddenly over the last weeks I got now 7…it’s weird.

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Farsight telescope to day from the normal monster quest. Miracles happen!

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There is a glove today at Farholme Pass (Rare Quest). :slight_smile:

I have it, i only need about… four more and four more compases hahahha

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