Valor Tournament battles not updating

In the monthly valor challenges I have Tournament Battles II - “play 10 battles in the tournament” Then I played five rounds in the tournament, but it still shows 0/10.


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Your first set of battles went to completing Tournament Battles I, it does not carry over. Each level of a challenge starts at zero.


I think you’ve played 5 battles and completed the first level.

You can’t be on Tournament Battles II unless you’ve already done the first one.

And it’s the first day of the Tournament, so you can only have had five Tournament Battles


Hi! Path of valor shows “tournament battles II” as play 10 battles in the tournament. I have completed 5 battles this morning but the POV status for this challenge is showing as 0/10. I think It should be 5/10, but I might be misunderstanding something. Please fix. Thanks!

It’s “Tournament battles II” what you see, so you already did the “Tournament battles I” with 5 battles. Technically it’s not possible, that you have more than 5 tournament battles today.

0/10 is right, tomorrow and wednesday you can collect the next ones. (it doesn’t sum up, but shows the next needed milestones for each challenge)


This makes sense. They should gray out the levels you’ve finished like they’ve done with the daily challenge. I had the same issue but only because I forgot it was a previous challenge!

I am one of those who didn’t reflect over the fact that it said “Tournament Battles I” at start. I just started to fight in the tournament and then went over to check the Path of Valor event and saw what assignments there were. And as many others, I thought it should be 5/10 done. :slight_smile:

Anyways… it will all become more clear as people level up in the Path of Valor.

So I hit all of my flags in 3* tournaments today but shows no progress in path of valor challenge, what am I missing?

@Langdon36, read the same described issue and solution above :+1:

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