Valor Shop - Trade your remaining Valor Points

Based on a post from Ultra, I just got the idea. Every Path of Valor has a total of around 52000 points, and to get to level 50 you need around 46000. Thing is that if you complete every single challenge, 5000 points are lost.

Well, why not give them a good use? At the same time, it would be an additional motivation to complete the POV.


Where you can trade your useless points for nice, great and awesome items!

The main rule would be that only points got beyond POV level 50 would apply for this store. So, even if you don’t claim the POV prizes, the points before lvl50 won’t be considered. Basically, you could get 5000 points every POV.

What to trade? Of couse, I’d think of emblems, tokens and ascension mats, but also some flasks, potions or other battle items.
Prices could start at 500/1000 points and go up to 20000 or 30000 for ascension mats or tokens (of course that must be better defined but I’m just giving some example ideas).
So, for example:
5 emblems: 1000 valor points.
WE flask x2: 2000 valor points.
Troop token: 7500 valor points.
Epic token: 20000 valor points.
4* ascension material: 25000 valor points.
Something like that.

The shop would only be available the days between POVs.

Totally agree, 5 days to go in path of valor and I’ve completed it. Spent a lot of time and effort to complete and looked at every daily challenge and tried to complete, now I’ve lost my interest because you don’t get anything for extra points. PUBG seem to have this sorted. Extra points enable you to buy extra items even though it’s not much it’s something

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