Valor rewards

Screenshots please…

Raid tourney attack log and valor challenge screen would be good


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I attacked 10 times got credit for 5

You’re on the 2nd level.

1st level was 5 attacks.


Hi Dear Support. Also have a bug with valor path and rewards. When i receive points i immidiatly jump from 14 to16 level at once. But i didnt receive reward fo 15 lvl. Please fix it. Thanks you in advance. Kind regards.

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so it doesn’t rest like the others do

Valar (morghulis) is being misspelled all over the place.

MUST be a bug

I just summoned almost 90 heroes but only got credit for tier VI (summon 30) and 30/35 of tier VII of the “summon heroes” valor path. Don’t know how much of tier VI I had already completed either. In any case, I should have gotten credit for way more than I actually did.

Hiya @Mitasya

There is no reward at 15 unless you bought the premium pass.

If you do have the premium pass, you simply click the “collect” thing on the rewards…

Also, screenshots always help with this sort of issue


Are you sure you weren’t further back than VI?

If you were at Summon Heroes IV:
IV = 20 heroes
V = 25 heroes
VI = 30 heroes
VII = 35 heroes

So working backwards you were likely at 15/20 on tier IV.

If you’re still concerned contact support with screenshots etc… And they can have a look into the logs for you.

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Pretty sure I was already on VI. I was only able to redeem one tier and then the next that showed up it gave me credit for 30/35

Hey guys, just completed rare and epic in the Avalon challenge. I only received points for Valor after completing rare. Am I missing something or should I have received level 2 points for Valor?
Thanks in advance

Completed with no tournaments showing

You’re on level 3. First level was 5 attacks, Second level was 10 hits.

Please reference the pic I posted yesterday.

Also, you don’t even have the valor pass activated.

No Valor credit for raids.
Including recent activity log showing raid chest rewards & valor pass screen after l claimed rewards.
Where is the raid chest log?

dunno. You should submit a support ticket.

Several hundred valor points disappeared over night. Finished daily tasks and received zero points.

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