Valor Points Spill to Subsequent Path of Valor

This just occurred to me. When players have reached Milestone 50 before the Path of Valor ends, and there are still several daily and/or valor challenges yet to be completed, why not Small Giants allow these “extra” valor points be carried over or credited to the next Path of Valor. This way, players who have already reached the 50th milestone in the POV will be motivated to complete the remaining daily and/or valor challenges. This will allow players to be able to reach Milestone 50 in the next POV much earlier, if not easier.

If you like the idea, please vote. And hope and pray SG devs will be able to implement this in the immediate future. Thank you.

I feel something like that would break the POV. Having ~5000 points ready for next POV will make it much easier and it will turn into something boring, which is not the idea.
Other possibility is that POV get harder every time and these points help with that. However, for low level players these POVs will turn even harder (since they won’t be able to save points) and get too frustrating.

I’d prefer that these extra points are exchanged for items or something like that. I feel that would actually push players to complete all missions. It would be awesome to get some emblems from those points, for instance.


What if the number of extra points dictates the difficulty of the next POV? Wouldn’t be too difficult to implement a tiered difficulty based on the incoming saved points.

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It’s a decent idea and gets my vote. It gives people the incentive to continue with POV challenges etc so why not?
My view would be that it’s also a money maker for SG. If you are onto a good start then your more inclined to finish and buy the product.
And I think three roll overs is sufficient then you start at zero for the next POV

I’d much prefer being able to convert excess POV points into gems, unfarmable ascension mats, or even rare-ish mats like backpacks, midnight roots, and hardwood lumber. Maybe have an extension to the shop where you can “spend” the points after each round is over (and you could limit the amount of each item that could be purchased, like they do with all the special offers).

Don’t forget that POV is supposed to be a money-maker, not a gift. They’ve already nerfed it once by awarding the 4* unfarmable mats on level 48 instead of level 50. Rolling over excess points would make it even easier.

If your heroes are strong enough to complete one POV, you don’t have any need to carry them over to the next one. If they aren’t, you can’t anyway.

I understand the point you’re trying to make, but there’s really no need IMHO.


That would mean a huge change for POV, as every POV would be personalised for every player.
Maybe harder POVs for stronger and more experienced players sounds logic, but would that mean also better items? That will only help to increase the distance between low level/F2P and high level/P2P players.


Doesn’t have to be harder as in different objectives. As an example, instead of winning 2-in-a-row in diamond tier raids, it could be 4-in-a-row. Reward items remain the same.

They’ve already made PoV unbelievably easy, please don’t make it any easier to complete… Plus, if someone is able to get to 50, I don’t think they’ll need help getting to 50 on the next one.


How is that not harder? :thinking:

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Yeah but you haven’t done the challenges yet on the new pov. Who’s says you can’t you can’t complete them.
I’d say a better option is if you get maxed points you rewarded in another way, maybe some gems or challenge coins if you buy the pov you get double of that.

I was contemplating on alliance war scoring where the extra points are spilled over the next war chest.

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In theory, I really like your idea.
However, I strongly agree with @Lloyd6770 that any player who can get to 50 will likely not need help getting to 50 on the following PoV.

In fact, I feel that they introduced the daily challenges in order to slow down some players getting to 50. :sweat_smile:

The point was for the player to finish the subsequent POV ahead by reason that he has valor points credited from the previous one to the subsequent one. As I analyzed it, this should not slow players as they don’t need to spend world energy on some trivial maps already previously finished since he can afford that daily challenge to be skipped due to the fact that he has already some valor points from the previous one. This is especially true during Atlantis Rising where you can skip the daily task challenging you to finish special stages in Season 3 where those world energy are best spent in AR.

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I changed my mind. :joy:

I would like to see your idea implemented for two reasons:

  1. It would be something nice for the long term players. And sometimes it is difficult to complete a daily task. Specifically gain 1 level for troop.

  2. It could help less experienced players gain leeway for the next POV.

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If any of you wants to support this idea, please vote for it. Let’s hope the devs would implement this if it has gained enough votes for SG to consider this. Thanks.

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