Valor path not counting tournament fights

You are at tier 2… First tier was attack 6 times so you’re fine.

Mine aren’t adding at all
Either show 0-15 do attacks and it doesnt change

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Did not receive my 5 points for fighting in tournament

Need urgent assistance as this is now the second time. Last time fought 15 battles before I received first 5 points.


Today’s tournament is not counting. I’ll share SS!

One more SS

Ahh look at that! you’re NOW in tier IV (FOUR) of the Tournament Battle Valor Challenge…

Meaning you 100% HAVE gained credit for the following:

Tier I (ONE) -> 5/5 battles
Tier II (TWO) -> 10/10 battles
Tier III (THREE) -> 15/15 battles

That is a total of 30 battles… WHICH is exactly where you could possibly be at right now (5 battle days last week & 1 battle day this week).

As evidence here are ALL the tiers of the Path of Valor “Complete Tournament Battle” Challenge:


After using flags in the raid tournament and returning to pov, I am finding that the 5 flags I have used are not registering.

What is your raids rank when u hit?
What tier in raids-pov?

I had just used all 5 of my raid tournament flags as well and did not get credit for the Fight X amount of battles in POV.
Not to be confused with win x amount of raids in gold/platinum/diamond tiers.

@Immortaliguana79928 & @Shadowlander I am 99.999999999999% sure that the battles DID count and that you have in fact rolled over into the next tier of the “Fight Tournament Battle” Valor Challenge:

I have moved your thread to one which has many other “reports” of this “bug”, none of which have been anything more than this misunderstanding.

VALOR CHALLENGES HAVE MORE THAN 1 TIER TO THEM. You complete one tier, you roll into the next (signified by the new Roman Numeral next to the challenge name).

Uh oh. POV not tallying up. This same thing happened earlier when i completed the twenty tournament tier. Here it is again with completing a daily challenge.

Update: my progress bar did eventually reflect my progress. I did not refresh the app, but it took about twenty minutes to add the points. I submitted a ticket to support

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I have noticed mine not updating either… or the war. Also, on today’s 6,27,20 what is the one with winning the one raid with the same element heros. I can’t figure it out any

Elements are Fire, Nature, Ice, Holy and Dark or Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Purple heroes. To collect this you need to win a raid with the number of heroes (3 in the latest daily) of the same Element or color in your offensive raiding team.

Having multiple heroes of the same element/color generates significantly more damage than 3 times normal as the first hero blows through the defense and the others just pile on. I believe they added this so that new players would get a chance to see the advantages of having multiple heroes of the same element/color on a raid team. It allows for a much higher win percentage against stronger teams, but the losses can be ugly.

Much more info than you wanted I’m sure, but I hope that helps with the daily challenge challenge and provide some context.

I always raid with 3-5 of the same element, so I had completed this daily challenge, before even opening the PoV this morning.


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