Valor path not counting tournament fights

I have noticed over the last 3 tournaments that some are not counting. The first 2 weeks it was all 5 fights on Mondays, and today it happened again for Tuesdays tournaments. They are not being counted towards the path of valor. Am i ding something wrong? It is happening win or lose.

I had the same issue today, played 5 tournament rounds but none counted

@afradarguy and @Chitlynne

Are you sure you haven’t rolled over into the next tier of the valour challenge?

There are multiple tiers, each needing more tournament battles to complete than the previous one.

Example; prior to yesterday’s battles mine was showing 0/25 with Mondays fights filling tier IV which was 20/20

Screenshots would help with this also.


I completed the defeat 300 in the arena and got none of my 2400 points

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My counter is 16/20 so no rollover

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Im absolutely sure i look EVERY time after the raid wars for the day to see if they counted… today it did the same thing and did not count 11/25 before playing and 11/25 after playing my 5 flags for the day.

I should have finished the 25/25 today. Starting my 0/30 tomorrow Friday the 21st, finding all of the tourni valor points next Friday. I’m missing 14 played flags from being played. I have played every single day since start of valor path.

Just did 5 tournament raids

Works fine for me

This is my normal life, spend gems to earn more raid and tournament battles points in valor challenge. I am targeting level 50 of the challenge.

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My alt account and others in my alliances have had a issue where the raid tournament matches are only counting towards the raids and not the tournament count in POV

Maybe they’re not at the required trophy lvl/arena

No requirement just play in tournament is all it says

@Jmonster, moved your thread to ne that previously existed. See above answer.

Not counting my tourney raids…grrrr

Uh, actually it has.

There have been 3 days of battle. That’s 15 attacks (which your first SS shows)

Your second SS CLEARLY shows that you are IN TIER 3 (showing 0/15)
Meaning you’ve already completed:
Tier 1 = 5 battles
Tier 2 = 10 battles

5 + 10 = 15 = the number of battles you’ve done…

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I am not getting my Path of Valor Alliance counts or my Tournament counts. Please address ASAP. Thank you

Hi @mamea617, please remember that the :mag: function is your friend.

Read further up on this thread. I am 99.999999% sure that you are missing the fact that you have rolled over into the NEXT TIER of the tournament Valor challenge…

Yes I’m sure I should be at 0-15 and after my hits I’m only at 5-10 still have two accounts so very easy to track where it should be I’m not the only one I know that didn’t get all to count

And you’ve done all 15 available attacks?

Also for the Alliance War is NOT counting. Neither the flags, nor the war itself.
I was the of my alliance in the last war, but still is this the counting