Valor Path gap

As per releas notes:

so why:

Is any one able to explain?


The next path is when that begins.

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The next PoV will start on June 6 and if I remember correctly, from this PoV onwards 1) duration shortened from 50 days to 30 days; 2) gap between PoVs will be removed.


Also as per release notes see the bottom of first pic.

on the end of the releash notes is “REMINDER” after end of current valor path, so it should start tomorrow.

This is simply rude and greedy that pools from Tower of Magic will not count for Valor Path :rage:


I get where you are coming from. But as they had it programmed with a cool down not untill the cooldown is finished does this pov end.

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hahaha this new summer summon will also not be counted xD

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Lol. Its probable they will lower the summon requirements for the path. It would be a kick in the teeth if they dont.

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I’m not counting on this. More money!!! Spend more money!!!

The full text from the release notes reads: (Note the date on the second line. Confusing way to announce it but there you go.)

Path of Valor Update

Jun. 6, 2022 –

Added a number of new daily challenges
Campaign duration reduced to 30 days
    Overall volume of rewards per campaign will not change → More loot in less time!
(NEW) Event Challenges
    Event Challenges can be cleared only while their corresponding event is ongoing. They have been added for the following events:
        Alliance Quests
        Challenge Events
        Costume Quest
        Legends Quest
        Tower Events
Gap between Path of Valor campaigns removed
    Uncollected rewards from the previous Path of Valor will automatically be saved and awarded to the player when they next access their Path of Valor menu
Replaced the bonus avatar in the Valor Pass with more Epic Hero Tokens
Updated & improved rewards across the board

:warning: REMINDER: All of the changes above will go live AFTER the ongoing Path of Valor concludes.


ok, I didn’t notice that date. My fault.

The only hope is that they will reduce or remove totaly this taks with pools.


Don’t feel bad, I can guarantee that 10,000+ other people saw it the same way. :disappointed_relieved:


So that 's what we 've all been missing. That means that every 6th of the month we ’ ll have a new PoV, right?

Yup thats it pretty much.

more or less depending how long is month. next will be 6th July but after that 5th August becuse July have 31 days

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Not quite, new PoV every 30 days. (August should be 5th Aug, September’s on the 4th…)


Break 6 days ! Woo hoo. After that … povs are chained


Provisional dates for your calendars…

6 Jun 2022 (Monday)
6 Jul 2022 (Wednesday)
5 Aug 2022 (Friday)
4 Sep 2022 (Sunday)
4 Oct 2022 (Tuesday)
3 Nov 2022 (Thursday)
3 Dec 2022 (Saturday)
2 Jan 2023 (Monday)
1 Feb 2023 (Wednesday)
3 Mar 2023 (Friday)
2 Apr 2023 (Sunday)
2 May 2023 (Tuesday)
1 Jun 2023 (Thursday)
1 Jul 2023 (Saturday)
31 Jul 2023 (Monday)

(Based on UK timezone)


August 2023 will have “2 pov” too. Aug 1 and Aug 31.

…and if the Summon quest remains untouched and still require 200+ heroes to be summoned, now within a month, and everyone will spend their troop tokens on mana troops on magic tower that won’t be counted… I really don’t see that. Apart from Clash of Knights, there’s nothing really interesting to summon for this month :roll_eyes:

I really hope they didn’t mess up the PoV, that was the last thing that was worth purchasing in this game for what it gave for the price. :roll_eyes: If now to get the ascension mat and guaranteed aether you’d have to do 30 pulls per each event etc. then I’ll be mad.

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