Valor Pass - Endless Challenges

Valor Pass should be attainable for all. It will make players happier and make SG more money as more folks buy it.

For the sake of this, my suggestion will assume future Valor passes will keep the existing Valor pass challenges (or similar) - not that I like them, but I just want to suggest an addition…

6-15 “challenges” that just reward you for playing - you never “complete” them, they just go on and on, gaining small amounts of Valor points that you can collect like with Mines:
Examples of rates below:

  1. Kill monsters (1 VP per 20 monsters)
  2. Collect resources (idk, 1 VP per 50k?!)
  3. Play the game (1 VP per hour)
  4. Kill heroes (1 VP per hero)
  5. Craft items (1 VP per 20000 spent)
  6. Play quests (1 VP per level completed)
  7. Train Heroes (1 VP per hero created)
  8. Summon heroes (1 VP per hero summoned)
  9. Level up heroes (1 VP per 10 levels)
  10. Tier up heroes (5 VP per tier)
  11. Level up troops (1 VP per troop sacrificed)
  12. Titan hits (2 VP per Titan hit)
  13. War hits (2 VP per war hit)
  14. Level up buildings (10 VP per building level - this would really help lower level players catch up)
  15. Watch adverts (10 VP per advert)

FINALLY: The VP above is DOUBLED if you’ve already bought Valor Pass - this would help sell it and gives an advantage to having it at the start, rather than waiting to see if it’s worth it at the end.

I just feel that loyal players should be able to unlock the rewards, regardless of level, and the above idea would allow that for players, regardless of their level…

Thanks for listening.

this makes sense. I’m not sure about the specific numbers (as always) but it’s a good idea IMO.

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The current system is just fine it rewards players who play with a purpose as most players will find there are easy ways to attain all goals as long as you log in daily, but great suggestion for a more casual version.

Thanks, but low level players are really struggling with challenges like “craft super mana potions” or “use a tornado” - if you haven’t got your forge to that level (which is high for new players), its not possible.

Let alone the complete 6 challenge events - if I’m remembering correctly, if you can’t complete both challenge events on legendary is not possible to get to L50 Valor pass. And they are TOUGH. I’m not worried about managing it myself, but my F2P alt (with a 4200tp defence) would struggle if manage it at all…

All.of these is why they made sure to emphasis that you can pay at the end to prevent people from purchasing to early without thinking ahead on if they were ready or not. Simply play and see how far you can get and take everything you learned in the first one into the second.

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I like this idea. The points can be adjusted of course and maybe put a cap on how many could be earned each day/over the whole path but this would really help motivate some players to keep plugging away at some routine tasks even when they know they can’t finish. Builds in a little more breathing room for all players while not giving too many points away. Nice

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That’s a whole different debate…

Personally I think it’s fine… I don’t think that everything should be available to everyone… Some stuff should reward further progressed players & other stuff be boring as bat-■■■■ to them but exciting/ difficult to new players…

I mean take the current “Rare Quests”, the “Costume Quest” and the “Emblem Quests” for example… New players aren’t able to complete them & hence aren’t able to get the final rewards from them either… It’s just the way it is, that some stuff WONT be achievable for new players. It incentivises progress.

Same thing applies with the Path of Valor IMO… It shouldn’t be there to be completed by everyone… PARTICIPATED by everyone & partial rewards for everyone who participates but not COMPLETED by everyone…

If you want to join the actual debate on making PoV for everyone have a look in on this thread:

There are also a couple of other threads related to PoV changes:


After the debates in the other threads, I’m beginning to be understand more (or beginning to be able to explain more) of where I think the problem is.

POV is like this confused teenager who doesn’t know which way they lean towards;

Does it want to be a loyalty program to reward loyal members for playing actively?

Or does it want to be a tough challenge for seasoned players to challenge themselves with?

If it’s the former, make things easier. If it’s the latter, make the rewards equal to the challenge.


Its both I think…

I said in another thread that there are in essence two different ways of looking at loyalty. First is “long term” loyalty & the other is “frequent use” loyalty…

Essentially, the PoV gives the best / most rewards to those who fulfill BOTH categories.
Next up are those who are “frequent use” loyal
Then those who are “long term” loyal and semi-active

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Yep I agree totally, good idea.

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I disagree but respect the argument. :slight_smile:


The idea of Path of Valor is very good, but I feel as a new player, that I am not able to solve significant number of quests so I doubt that I get much of buying path of Valor as much as other high level players. Just to give an example, I need to complete 3 Dense Fog Map Stages which I saw happening in season 2 province 7,8… And I am not yet finished with season 1 being lvl 19, and not having a hero with 4 stars. Another one is to craft 3 super antidotes, that I will be able to solve for 5-10 days or so, and this is a daily quest. Other valor pass quests I feel to be preaty fair for all players.

Maks Boskovic

Taking into all of the ideas people have made about the POV, taking into consideration of how some players want POV to be accessible by everyone, and yet other people want POV to be harder still;

Taking into consideration how SG wants this to be another income stream, I’ve come up with a solution that I feel will make everyone happy.

Introducing, POV ranking rewards and infinite rolling POV!

Here is what happens:

Each day, we can only do 3 daily challenges. But what about people who want to do more? I propose that when all 3 daily challenges are finished, it is automatically replaced with three new challenges, with the amount of points given reduced each time.

For the Valor Challenges, there is no ceiling. So after killing 9 6 star titans, you would need to kill 10 7 star titans, and so on.

Summons, you would need to do 55 summons, 60 summons… 100 summons, 1000 summons; literally no bounds as to how high it can go.

Challenge events could work on stages completed after mission completion; 100 challenge stages completed, 200 challenge stages completed…

Raids could be 400, 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500… etc heroes killed.

And so on. There would be no hard limit on how many challenges you can complete.

At the end, the top 1, 2-10, 11-100, top 1%, top 5%, top 25% all get different special ranking rewards based on the tier they are in, based on the total amount of valor points they’ve obtained throughout this period.

In this way, new players have a realistic way of completing all 50 steps by being more active and working hard at the challenges they can complete.

Old, competitive seasoned players can compete in getting that high ranking, just like they do currently for Challenge events. And from what we can see with WE flask spending in challenge events, this would probably bring more revenue for SG as well, when people pull all breaks to compete to finish those extra challenges for rankings.

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Imagine players who, at the end, wanting to rank better on the POV rankings, decide to do a few dozen more pulls in a portal @Petri

Imagine players who go and merc every single day, hoping to get more points from the titan valor challenge.

Imagine players spending ALL of their raid flags for once, and even using raid flasks!

Imagine players with screenshots of them completing 100 or even more daily tasks in a single day and the amount of activity and chat all of that would bring up.

Imagine all sorts of creative things people will be doing to maximize their valor point score, all to rank highly on the POV rankings, imagine all of the activity that would generate, all of the talking points and fun and revenue and different ways to play, keeping the game fresh and interesting for all.