Valor pass, a posible PR desaster in the making!

So it seems SG is developing quite an interesting new feature called path of valor.

Accoring to beta info it is supposed to reward players for grinding which is great because all players have to grind.

It seems that the rewards are not RNG which I am sure a lot of people will love!

A valor pass will be offered which will allow better/more rewards for valor points.

And exactely here SG seems to be on the verge to make a big mistake!

Buying valor pass should not give DIFFERENT rewards it should give MORE rewards of all things that path of valor has to give.

Please SG you have listened to this forum and your players before.

We told you, that you missed a golden PR opportunity by not giving a reward for the finishing of season 1.
You read you thought you made it so.
And you learned because there was a reward for finishing S2 from the beginning. :smile:

We and of course beta told you hiding the weekly tournament behind a paywall was a bad idea.
You listened, you thought and you found another way to make money with the tournament so we have now a weekly tournaments which may have its problems but is acessible for all and lots of fun.

This are only 2 examples of things that worked out and there are many more.

With alchemy lab you did not get the turn.
We told you that the lab in the current form will not be interesting for even ptp and we have now content that alot of players ( at least according to this forum ) dont even bother to build.

So please! dont tell the ftp players, which seem to grind even more than the ptp players, that all their grinding only gets them mediocre rewards and they have to pay if they want the good rewards.
This could be taken as an insult and will defenitely lead to a huge outcry on this forum and very bad PR for your game.

Since you have fixed rewards you cant up the chances to get something for valor pass buyers but you can give them MORE of the things you give out as rewards ALL players get which again fits with your game model.

Thanks for listening and thank you for a great game which will hopefully stay great and interesting for a couple of years to come.

Best regards



@Zephyr Hope you can leve it here and you dont have to merge it.


I’m perplexed why you want a separate thread about the same thing that much of the discussion in the Path of Valor thread is already covering. If you want visibility for Small Giant about this issue, a consolidated thread is more likely to get their attention than scattered ones are.

We merge duplicate threads as a courtesy — Forum Rules specify that they’ll be deleted:

As a compromise, I’ll just close the thread and let your post remain on its own.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


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