Valor daily challenges not registering

I have done the daily valor challenge 3 separate times so far n still have not gotten credit for doing so? Is I the only one having this issue?

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Maybe a little more info about which daily challenges are we talking about or photos will be helpful to identify if it’s a bug…and are they the same repeating daily challenges on separate times? :thinking:

I have tried to used 12 healing potions to complete the challenge and still nothing

Which healing potions are you using?

You must use the SPECIFIC potion. I.e. the one with the same name as the daily challenge

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The specific potion required for today is:
“Healing Potion” which gives 225HP. Made in Level 5 of the Forge

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I’ve tried them all.

Are you using this one?

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Do me a favour and try one more time with this item:



I too am having the same problem…this isn’t the first time ever. Using bealing potions on POV never registers for me. :frowning:

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