Valor Chests - Add your screenshot of what was in your valor chest here

My alliance did that. On the first POV, we battled our regular 10* titans. We were somewhat alarmed early on not able finishing titan, so we used several flasks just to down some of the 11* ones encountered. Learning from that, since 2nd POV onwards, we skipped several titans for several days (I think the lowest we got was 4-5* titans) before POV officially starts (there was a thread I created here in the forum where I posted a screenshot on who can deal the least amount of damage [not zero] to several titans we allowed to escape). Doing so, we are less stressed and use only a few light battle items. Currently, the highest we can get is/was a 12* titan, but we settle for 10* as chaining the stronger ones felt more like a chore than something fun. We urge everyone, through in-game chat and featured message and in our Line group chat, to hit the titan, waiting others to make a hit for everyone to have a registered hit against it for our individual titan POV.

The only ok item in my premium valor chest was 50 emblems. Everything else was just typical rubbish. Nothing even worth mentioning in my standard valor chest. Such crap. I don’t see how it can be called a premium chest with high value items if it is all monster chest junk. Definitely not worth any money

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I am assuming there is an issue going on that caused it to be a monster chest instead of a premium chest. Waiting for an apology and good items to make up for the glitch.

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We did that low damage competition too, and i won with 1 damage dealt, its very luck dependant but possible.

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For 3 years I got 4* mats twice from common monster chest so this can be even there

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I thought when we bought the Elite Valor Pass you got 9000 valor points, but after I finish the POV, I cannot see 9000 valor points, plus all lv 50 chests were rubbish.

You got the 9000 points at the start. You levelled up to close to 20 on day one.


Today I got oil, minor healing potion, and an antidote from a valor chest. Definitely not spending on the valor points next time, these chests have been full on garbage.


Thank you it was too long for me to watch till he got to the chests lol

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You did your finished way a head of everyone

Oh you’ll wait a long time for these my friend.

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Agreed, not worth the money…

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Question please : do you need to complete ALL daily challenges to get access to premium chest ? There are some challenges that I usually skip like firing 3 dragon attacks for nuthin…thx for your help :wink:

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It appears you can miss only 3

At the end of today you should have 6/30 daily.

If you miss 3 you’d be at 3 of 30

Hope this helps

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Were those from the Elite Valor chest or from the regular Valor chest? Nice haul BTW.

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Major chest.the other one was pure garbage. Just like sg, hot garbage.

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Damascus here! Good surprise!!!


Congrats and thank you for adding to this

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Got mine today:


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