Valor Chests - Add your screenshot of what was in your valor chest here

And one rope


mega chest

Could be worse I suppose, at least I got two 3* mats from it. This honestly looks like a slightly better elemental chest to me.

The normal chest had absolutely nothing worth mentioning except for a 10k food bundle (lol).



I bought Elite Valor Pass but haven’t received 9000 valor points, anyone having the same issue with me?

The premium one was ok, equivalent of a war chest.
But the next basic ones…

That’s worse than recycling Zocc’s balloon. At least that one gives some food and iron. Yep, definitely not worth forking an extra $20 (well, for extra avatar and silver frame too but meh).

Just so you don’t stop recycling the balloons I’ve heard of ppl just leaving it. I’ve gotta a 4* mat 2xs. I also do 4 chests a day usually so my ballon gets filled up fast but still I known it’s rare but still something


This looks familiar!

Indeed not worth the extra money to get more Valor chests…

Maybe for someone it will be interesting/useful.

if simple - color chest (paid) and raid chest (free)


If it is left the special chest and right the normal chests…it looks like he got a 4* ascension mat from a normal chest as well(on the second set of pulls)…

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You might want to add your post to the existing thread below:



What video? It is unavailable to me.

It was initially unavailable to me as well, then I was given an option to open in YouTube and it played there.


Copy url and open in browser instead of clicking the link and you will see the video.
It’s good that even the normal chest can give 4* ascension .

Ahhh. Already saw the video. They are the valor chests on the 50th milestone. I more curious of what could be obtained from the chest/s after that if one has at least a thousand valor points more after completing POV. Is it the mega valor chest or the simple valor chest?

You can see after POV completion they’re just standard valor chests, which from what I’ve seen are NOT worth the extra $20


Ahhhh. Thanks for that insight. Happy to know that I won’t miss anything much. I am still a far ways to go, still at the 42nd milestone, but will be completing the POV a few days before it concludes as I have not missed any daily challenge. Its the titan POV I can’t compete since we are not capable of killing all titans and have to resort to one our alliance is comfortable with.

It will do moderators if they want. And it’s not screenshots - it’s video (not my) :slight_smile:
P.S. In my opinion the developers made a very inconvenient display of awards…

When my alliance couldnt chain titans we always skipped quite a few before PoV opened so the first ones were really easy to kill. Now we are chaining 14*s for months but if you cannot do this maybe next time try this method.

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This chest looks same like war chest or any colour chest. Not guaranteed 4* ascend

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